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Is this similar to memory foam in terms of how it feels?

asked by Anonymous
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  1. No. It is firmer
  2. Not even remotely.
    Even firm memory foam feels cushy to an extreme. You sink into it with no “push back.” Latex/coil hybrid beds have a firm feel and very springy. You don’t sink into them much and they’re easy to get in and out of. This bed in particular is very firm (but in a fantastically supportive way, I find). However, the latex does an excellent job of preventing motion transfer and does wonders for things like back, neck, and hip pain. They’re equal in terms of supportiveness, but they offer a different kind of support. Memory foam conforms to your body but doesn’t offer resistance. Latex/coil doesn’t conforms less but offers resistance. It’s a personal preference thing.
  3. No, it is different from memory foam in terms of how it feels. Our latex hybrid innerspring mattress is more responsive than memory foam. Besides, it is firmer, more bouncy and has better edge support.
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