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  1. A Yes, a solid and flat surface will work for this mattress, but not suitable for adjustable bed frame.
  2. A Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Queen Size is measured as 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.
  3. A Sorry, we didn't offer the old mattress remove service. Each coil is wrapped independently. They are compressed vertically into a thin piece, then are rolled up into a tube shape.
  4. A Yes. It can stay for as long as 6 months in the box. We've tested for you in our warehouse. It won't cause any damage to the mattress and won't affect actual use. have a nice day ! sunrising bedding
  5. A No, the materials inside this mattress only the All-Natural Latex and Pocket Coils. No polyurethane at all. Thanks! Sunrising Bedding Team Icy
  6. A thank you for your inquiry. Sunrising Bedding Latex Hybrid Coil ?queen size mattress consists of 825 independent coils, and the thickness of the coils are 2.0 mm Diameter.
  7. A I'm not sure. I do know that when I received my two mattresses neither had any sysynthetic scent to it. And I'm incredibly sensitive to scent that is not of organic nature.
  8. A Thanks for you question. You’d better place the mattress package on your box spring before unpacking it. Since the mattress is rolled with the mattress bottom outside, you don’t have to flip the mattress after the plastic bag is removed.
  9. A Not bouncy really. It is pretty firm. I use a memory foam topper on it and it's amazing. ?Even with the topper it's still quite firm
  10. A Sunrising Bedding mattress can withstand a weight of 800lbs. 8 inch mattress is thick enough for overweight sleepers. What’s more, overweight sleepers are more suitable for a firm mattress so as to not “sink in” too much.
  11. A Our 8 inch innerspring latex hybrid mattress has a cashmere cover, which is totally made of natural organic materials.
  12. A Hi there,the legal tag shows that ALL NEW MATERIAL ?consisting of Natural LATEX 100% , 2.0MM GAUGE WRAPED COIL SPRING 100% , which is the inside contents of the mattress.
  13. A Thank you for your question, Sorry, Sunrising Bedding 8-Inch Natural Latex Mattress Not Suitable for Adjustable Bed Frames. Sunrising Bedding 12 inch Eco-Friendly Memory Foam mattress For Adjustable Bed Frames. Have a nice day ! Sunrising Bedding Team Icy
  14. A hello there, the coils themselves are 7 inch tall , wish you a good night .
  15. A Thank you for your question It comes from China's top furniture manufacturers Delandis, Delandis is the United States many famous mattress brand manufacturers, mattress firm, BOB's, sleepy etc ... latex raw materials from Thailand, 100% natural, this mattress does not include foam
  16. A Sunrising bedding is high density fiber fireproof lining without adding chemical flame retardants and through Texas 1633 CFR certification, each mattress of sunrising bedding collocates ?law label . The high density fibers are also used in body armor lining.
  17. A Hi, Sorry, we currently don't have a 12 inch natural latex mattress model.But we'll carefully consider your suggestion and may make that model in the future. Maybe a 12 inch model would be softer but also costs more. Our advice is that you can try our 8 inch model and buy another topper to go with it as a cushion.
  18. A The instructions recommend the mattress have full support, whether that be a box spring or adequate wood slats under to support the mattress, but also allow the mattress to "breathe" from the bottom (and not just the top and sides). ?So, positioned directly on the floor or on a solid piece of plywood is not recommended.
  19. A I have an engineering point of view, to be able to answer your question. I would tell you that it would depend on whether the air mattress would be able to retain the structural stability of the air mattress. The advantage is that this mattress distributes its own weight evenly. The problem with an air mattress lies when there is an uneven distribution of weight. ?The other factor would be whether there will be one or two people, and what not. I would just use it to sleep on. Any lateral movements would make the mattress slip and fall over. :-)
  20. A Please don’t worry about that. If you don’t like your Sunrising Bedding mattress, you don’t have to return it in the original packages. Amazon large item return group will pick it up from your house, and you will get your full refund.
  21. A This bed is qualified for amorous activities. ?As a innerspring mattress, it has a strong bounce. You will love it.
  22. A Thanks for your interest on our product. Now the sale of that product is growing crazily and went beyond our expectation. It is out of stock now. Our products to supply the stock is on the way. We may sell it again at the end of this month. We hope you pay attention to Sunrising Bedding for the latest information.
  23. A Hi: That layer not labeled is a thin cotton layer. It is used to separated the latex and pocket coils area.
  24. A It is 1 inch of latex; see the accompanying review video or search you tube for review video (that is what I did). The accompanying video suggested that the more concentrated one’s weight, probably the greater need for a thicker foam layer. I am 6.2 and 165 pounds. I have had my Sinrising for about 6 months and still would rate it a best value product.
  25. A Thank you for paying attention to our product. It's $315.39. Our full size mattresses are on their way to the warehouse. It takes 1 or two weeks before you can buy it.
  26. A Sorry, no, Sunrising Bedding ?8 inch innerspring mattress is not adjustable. But you may try Sunrising Bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress. It can be used with a hospital bed.
  27. A Cashmere wool comes from neck hair and belly hair of Cashmere goats. Herdsmen regularly shave off excess wool from Cashmere goats, which does not harm them. The wool will continue to grow and then continue to do so after a period of time.
  28. A Sunrising Bedding 8 inch latex pocket coils hybrid mattress has only one firmness option now. But a softer version may be released in the near future.
  29. A thank you for your inquiry,Sunrising Bedding mattresses are shipped by Amazon, you can contact the custom service of Amazon and inform them of your requirement , there they will deliver the mattress and place it your doorway.
  30. A natural latex mattress ILD of latex layer is 20 have a nice day ! sunrising bedding team
  31. A its depend on what size you bought. Mine is King size and weight is about 120+ Lbs.
  32. A I seriously doubt it! It feels just as clean and natural as they advertised.
  33. A Sunrising Bedding Natural latex hybrid springs are made of steel. thank you !
  34. A hello, thank you for your ?question , the latex innerspring mattress can support 800 lbs ?without sagging or ?sinking We've tested if for you. have a nice day ! Sunrising Bedding Team
  35. A Sorry for the confusion, this mattress consists of 100% natural latex layer and innerspring layer ,which mess there is no non-latex foam in this mattress. So you don’t need to worry about the off-gassing with this mattress.
  36. A These mattresses are not "flippable." Only one side gets used.
  37. A Hi, There are 1056coils (that is 32*33) and 14 gauge in the King. Btw, for your reference, here are the coils count for the other 3 sizes: Twin:496(16*31). Full: 682(22*31). Queen: 825(25*33). Thanks
  38. A Sorry. Now we only sell a 8 inch model for this natural latex innerspring mattress. But we have another mattress model, the sunrising bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress. It's plush, plant-based and very comfortable, pretty worth trying. sunrising bedding 12 inch memory mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is made of high quality and free of any harmful substances. We cut off those medium men by factory-direct selling, so we can offer you a high quality mattress at an affordable price.
  39. A Yes I topped it with a4" soft topper. it is perfect. Best bed I ever had
  40. A This mattress is quite firm, but I wouldn’t say it’s extr firm. I’ve been sleeping on mine for two weeks now and my back pain has gone away. Highly recommend it!
  41. A If you want your child to develop a smart approach to sleeping this is the bed for you. We slept on it the first night and absolutely love it!!!
  42. A The mattress you ordered is covered by free shipping and return, so you don’t have pay for it. If you decided to return your Sunrising Bedding mattress, choose the Heavy-Bulky return options handled by a specialty carrier team from the Online Returns Center. Inform them the item you bought is a mattress, and they will pick it up from your house. Then you just wait for the money back. That’s it!
  43. A I am planning to purchase and would love an answer from the seller as well. Thank you Sunrising!
  44. A No,this mattress is not adjustable.However,it is a comfortable latex and innerspring hybrid mattress for all sleepers,pretty worth trying.
  45. A Thank you for your question. Sorry, Sunrising Bedding didn't register for the spring brand. And we don't name it. The spring inside Sunrising Bedding is made meet the highest standard. The cover of this mattress is not removable. Have a nice day ! Sunrising Bedding Team Icy
  46. A The fabric wraps the pocket coild contains a part of Polyester. It is on the bottom layer, not touching the sleepers directly. ?This mattress cover is made of pure Cashmere Wool. thanks ! Sunrising Bedding Team Icy
  47. A Sunrising Bedding Latex hybrid coils queen mattresses are out of stock from FBA warehouse. The new freights are already on its way and predicted to arrive in FBA warehouse next week. We are now shipping out queen mattresses from our own warehouse in California. So queen size mattress are not in Amazon Prime.
  48. A I don't know because we were satisfied and we kept it,Ken
  49. A Sunrising Bedding natural latex mattress is ?Firm feel but very comfortable.90% of customers like this mattress and review, we are small family business, we promise no false review
  50. A Yes, mine is on an adjustable base and it works fine. I have had mine about 6 months and it seems ok. It shifts position a little when I raise it up high, but I think they all do.
  51. A Dear Joyce R. Harris: Yes. But now king size is out of stock. Our shippment will enter warehouse on 20th of this month. SUNRISING BEDDING
  52. A hi there , actually it is just a suggestion, with a plywood, the mattress can provide more support ,it depends on your own taste, but there will be no problem if you put our mattress directly on a box spring. have a nice day
  53. A this is Mattress Structure: surface made of 1cm natural latex and 320g PK soft foam,Natural Latex density#55 soft ??????????????????????????????????????????18cm rimless independent bag (2.0mm string) ??????????????????????????????????????????Pilling free and wear-resisting knitted cloth with undetachable cover. ??????????Natural Latex provide you with more comfortable sleeping experience and resist moisture.
  54. A Sorry, our latex innerspring mattress can’t go with an adjustable bed. But our 12 inch memory foam mattress can. You may consider buying it. have a nice day! sunrising mattress team
  55. A Please rest assured of it. Our mattress can support 500 lbs without sagging. We have a warranty of 20 years. Within 20 years, if you find the mattress sagging, we will ship you a new one.
  56. A The natural latex hybrid mattress has latex materials that is exported from Thailand. The mattress is made by top manufacture in China, which is also the supplier of Walmart US and many famous mattress brands in US. have a nice day ! sunrising bedding team
  57. A I find it phenomenal. It is /very/ firm, but that firmness is evenly distributed without pressure points. With how cheap it is, you could try it as-is and add a topper to soften it up if it’s a bit much.
  58. A Thanks for you question. No, the Talalay latex layer is only 1 inch thick. You will not feel stuck when moving around and turning over. In fact, the Talalay latex layer adds some cushion to the spring mattress but it still has perfect responsive feature to keep up with your body movements.
  59. A King mattress dimensions: length*width*height: 79.5*75.5*8 inches King mattress box dimensions: (compressed in a box for shipping): 11*11*81 inches sunrising bedding team
  60. A Thank you for pointing out this deception. Certipur is indeed only for poly foam. Not that 1 inch of latex would matter in the slightest. 1 inch of talalay latex would be nearly half the cost of the entire mattress besides being pointless. Obvious BS.
  61. A The cover is very nice cotton fabric. It’s a wonderful, comfortable mattress. Have had it for 5 months and sleep on it myself 3 nights weekly. Great value. Have a nice Day ! Sunrising Bedding Team
  62. A Thank you for your question ! our coil mattresses cannot be used for adjustable base.Latex is easy to go old in air. To seal the latex layer inside, we did a tight treatment to it. You can have a look at our 12 inch memory foam mattress ?ASIN: B01I157DZ0 . It is also a great product with many good reviews. And it can be used for adjustable base. have a nice weekend. Sunrising bedding Team
  63. A Thank you for your question, our twin XL size will begin on-line sale in October 23, 2017
  64. A Hi: Sorry. This mattress is not adjustable. But our 12 inch memory foam mattress is adjustable. You may consider it. sunrising bedding
  65. A Thank you for your questions. I would say that they both have their respective characters. They are made of different materials so it is hard to draw a conclusion to say which is better. Innerspring mattresses are designed for those who get more used to them. For this one, it has the advantages of innerspring and latex, making it excellent choice for spring mattress fans.
  66. A Hi: The hybrid means the mattress consists of two materials, that is latex and innerspring. Our latex is 100% natural talalay latex.
  67. A Cashmere is a rare and expensive fiber obtained from neck hair and belly hair of Cashmere goats that live 15000 feet above sea level. It is finer and softer than sheep's wool. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. Pure cashmere is dyed and spun into yarns and woven into fabrics then cut and assembled into the mattress cover.
  68. A The mattress you ordered is covered by free shipping and return, so you don’t have pay for it. If you decided to return your Sunrising Bedding mattress, choose the Heavy-Bulky return options handled by a specialty carrier team from the Online Returns Center. Inform them the item you bought is a mattress, and they will pick it up from your house. Then you just wait for the money back. That’s it!
  69. A Thanks for your question. Our mattresses doesn't contain any flame retardants. But our mattresses has a fire-proof inner protector, which is made of dacron fibre blended with adhesive fibre of low melting point. That's all green and healthy materials to human body. Our mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified for safety and health.
  70. A No. they are steel coils wrapped in non-woven fabrics.
  71. A The pocket coils are wraped independently. The coils on the edge sides is made of 2.2mm gauge steel, this is for better edge support. And the other pocket coils in the middle of mattress is made of 2.0mm steel. Sunrising Bedding provides a proper and long-lasting support and comfort. Hope you will enjoy your sleep on it. Thank you.
  72. A Hi. our mattress have a 120 day free trial. During that period, for any reason you don't like the mattress, you can return it and get your full refund. Also, we have a 20 year warranty. During that period, if you find any problems caused by manufacture defects, we can deliver you a new mattress for free. We ensure you a risk free shopping experience. You can rest assured to try sunrising mattress.
  73. A I have not had an issue from this company with bed bugs and I have had the mattress about a month. ?I did look for them when I received it and nothing.
  74. A You may refer to max weight limit for this mattress. Our latex mattress can support 500 lbs without sagging. have a nice day ! sunrising bedding team
  75. A The cover is expensive Cashmere, the top goat hair that is far better than ordinary wool and Merino. The diameter of cashmere hair is below 19μ, which means it is thinner than human hair that is 75μ Have a nice day ! Sunrising mattress team
  76. A It is very comfortable to me. ?It's firm, but a little soft. ?I also have a 3in memory foam on top. ??Had it about 6 months and still sleeping great.
  77. A We do not recommend to put this mattress on an adjustable bed. Once the mattress bends, the pocket springs may be out of shape, and affect the support and comfort.
  78. A I put a 1” topper as well as a mattress cover from my old mattress on mine I’m not ?having that problem with it
  79. A I believe only 1", and it definitely benefits from an additional topper. ?However, it's still more cost effective this way.
  80. A No, the mattress has only one size where you can sleep on. But you can rotate it by placing the head of the mattress at the foot of the bed.Thanks
  81. A You wouldn't even know there was any awful mattress! I sent it right back
  82. A There might be a problem if not completely unfolded, I would think that wouldn’t be comfortable at all.....on the other hand, It takes a few days to ‘inflate’ or ‘puff up’ completely, but after the first 8 hours, my daughter slept on it and it was fine.
  83. A Hi, thank you for your question. Compared with latex mattress and memory foam mattress, it is firm. Compared with spring mattress it is softer, namely, medium firm.
  84. A Hi, Our mattress fully supports the weight as you asked, but we would recommend that queen or king size will be suitable for two people to sleep, full size is more suitable for a single person to sleep.Thank you
  85. A Sorry, twin and full size are sold out now,It will takes a month for the mattresses to reach Amazon warehouse.
  86. A this mattress can be put in a box for 14 months,we've done experiments,Thank you for your question have a nice day! sunrising mattress
  87. A This mattress is very firm; but still comfortable. ?It comes collapsed flat, rolled, and in a box. ?The queen I bought was pretty heavy, I was able to carry it up the stairs (in the box) with some effort.
  88. A The pocket coils inside the mattress is arranged evenly over the whole mattress by 2.0mm gauge tempered steel coils, except for four lines on the edge made of 2.2mm gauge coils for better edge support.
  89. A Yes, the latex on the top is 1 inch thick. I don't think you should worry about the support to side sleeper. It will sink in enough to comfort your lower pressure points. But you ?may feel a little firm that your expectation at first, the mattress will adjust to your body in few days. Wish you a sweet sleep on Sunrising Bedding. Have a nice Day ! Sunrising Bedding Team Sandra