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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for reaching out. Below for your information. Anything else please let me know. 8'', 2.0 mm Diameter in the middle, and 2 Lines of 2.2 mm Diameter on the Edge 10'', 1.8mm diameter in the middle and 2 lines of 2.2 diameter on the edge As they are coil mattresses, they are not suitable for adjustable bed frame. All the best Wendy Sunrising bedding customer service
  2. Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Queen Size is measured as 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.
  3. thank you for your inquiry. Sunrising Bedding Latex Hybrid Coil ?queen size mattress consists of 825 independent coils, and the thickness of the coils are 2.0 mm Diameter.
  4. I have an engineering point of view, to be able to answer your question. I would tell you that it would depend on whether the air mattress would be able to retain the structural stability of the air mattress. The advantage is that this mattress distributes its own weight evenly. The problem with an air mattress lies when there is an uneven distribution of weight. ?The other factor would be whether there will be one or two people, and what not. I would just use it to sleep on. Any lateral movements would make the mattress slip and fall over. :-)
  5. Thanks for your interest on our product. Now the sale of that product is growing crazily and went beyond our expectation. It is out of stock now. Our products to supply the stock is on the way. We may sell it again at the end of this month. We hope you pay attention to Sunrising Bedding for the latest information.
  6. Sorry. Now we only sell a 8 inch model for this natural latex innerspring mattress. But we have another mattress model, the sunrising bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress. It's plush, plant-based and very comfortable, pretty worth trying. sunrising bedding 12 inch memory mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is made of high quality and free of any harmful substances. We cut off those medium men by factory-direct selling, so we can offer you a high quality mattress at an affordable price.
  7. Sunrising Bedding Latex hybrid coils queen mattresses are out of stock from FBA warehouse. The new freights are already on its way and predicted to arrive in FBA warehouse next week. We are now shipping out queen mattresses from our own warehouse in California. So queen size mattress are not in Amazon Prime.