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Sunrising Bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress reviews

12 inch memory foam mattress

I am a “big guy”(>270 lbs). The heavy people need so much more in terms of support when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Compound this with the fact that I have serious back problems that have seen me go through two operations in the last 3 years, I had to find a mattress that offered me the most comfort.


I love sleeping, just as much as the next guy. But unfortunately bedtime gradually turned into a time my wife and I both dreaded. Often I would struggle just to fall asleep and when I finally did, it wouldn’t be long before I was up again and simply because I would not be comfortable. I would toss and turn throughout the night as I tried to find that sweet spot. Then, I slept terrible and so was my supportive wife. I would wake her up as I noisily and restlessly shuffled through the night. She remained supportive as we both imagined that my sleep problems stemmed from the operations I had undergone. At home, we were grateful to just get through a night. We had resigned ourselves to the situation until a close friend advised that we should try changing our mattress. Willing to try just about anything in hopes of remedying the situation, we gladly agreed to give it a try.


Over the next few weeks, whenever we would find the time, my wife and I moved from one store to the next in our neighborhood searching for that perfect mattress. I remember some of the other shoppers giving me the stink eye as I would move around with my pen and notebook, taking notes on my feel of the different brands that I tried. At home, we would share our thoughts and it became apparent that we were yet to find that mattress that was just perfect for us. Without much luck in the brick and mortar setting, we shifted gears and started looking online. We must have read hundreds of online reviews between us two.Our diligent  search did finally pay off when we stumbled onto Sunrising Mattress. After looking through the product specifics, I instinctively knew that it was the one. Perhaps not the most highly rated of the lot, but after careful consideration, it was clear that Sunrising Mattress was the foam  mattress for us. And, so, we made our order.


Exactly four days after placing our order, we had the package delivered right to our doorstep. The delivery guy was worried over a small break on the box, but after a careful examination of the mattress roll inside, we were both assured that all was well. Turns out that my asking the seller to add one more packing between the plastic and paper box actually served to my advantage as the item inside was intact and in perfect condition. With child-like excitement, my wife and I quickly took the package up to our bedroom. We took it from the box and carefully cut off the plastic. You had better be cautious as you cut off the plastic to avoid damaging the mattress.


We laid it out and waited to experience the magic. It did not disappoint as after 8 hours, the roll had expanded into a 12-inch mattress that we all excitedly tried out. As a side-note; the roll did give off a slight and very mild smell as it expanded. Its definitely nothing to worry about as it dissipated and completely disappeared within 4 hours.

This mattress is firm, much firmer than I had imagined when making the order, yet very soft. It offers excellent support and I no longer have trouble turning my body. It is soft and gently curves under my weight to contour my body. And I never have to worry about sagging and collapsing.
as mentioned, the mattress curves and contours around my body, which is a great relief for my pressure points. I can confidently say that I don’t spend my nights tossing and turning. And when I do wake up in the morning, I have no backaches to complain about.


Hot sleeping is no longer a concern for me and my wife. The mattress disperses heat rather well and we enjoy a cool sleep every day.

Just as someone(my friend) cared enough to share with me the idea of changing mattress. I have shared the idea of this great product with a friend, who tried it, first for his guest bedroom, and then for his master bedroom. You too can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this product by getting your own today.