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Free Sleep Trial

If you are interested in buying our mattress but are not sure whether it is comfortable for you, this program will let you experience it first before paying, just like shopping in a mattress store

We deliver you our mattress to you for a free trial for 20 days. If you love it in 20 days, please pay the mattress price to our paypal account.

If you are not satisfied, no need for return!

If you don't love it for whatever reason, we will help you to donate the mattress to your local charity. You don't need to take the hassle of return! And you get no loss of money.

How to get the chance?

We randomly select 3 applicants monthly. Fill in the following questionnaire to apply for the opportunity.

We have two mattress models, a memory foam model and a innerspring mattress model. We will choose one mattress model based on your needs.

We accept applications from 1st to 25th of every month. And we announce the 3 selected names during 26th to the end of every month.

What size mattress are you looking for?
For whom are you buying this mattress?
In which position do usually fall asleep?
Do prefer a harder or a softer feel?
Do you need a mattress to have an enhanced edge support?