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Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Mattress

Sunrising Bedding

Mattress Donation Program

We encourage customers to donate their returned mattressesFor any questions, please contact us at 540-408-7444 or customservice@sunrisingbedding.com.

N ways to donate your mattress for a full refund
Where can I donate a mattress if it's not suitable for me?
No worries! Mattresses in usable condition can easily be donated.See which of the places below suits vou best for donating mattresses
See why people love the Sunrising Bedding Mattress
Most local charities are happy to take Sunrising Bedding mattresses off your hands if they aren't the right fit for you.
Here's how to find out if it's the right idea.

1.Mattress status check

Ensure the mattress vou're returning is in good condition.Neither bed bugs nor obvious stains, nor broken springs if it is a spring mattress.

2. Charity contact

Contact local charities and organizations that accept mattress donations. Make sure the mattress vou are returning meets the requirements of the charity or organization.

3. Verify mattress ownership

Before donating your refunded mattress, make sure you can provide a receipt or other proof of ownership to the organization.Mattress donation will be accepted with SunrisingBedding's proof of purchase.

4. Programs and timing

Lastly, most charitable organizations require some planning and cleaning before donating mattresses.Here is a typical mattress donation timeline:

1.Scheduling – Many donation banks require a scheduled pickup or drop-off date for mattresses. Choose a date that works for both of you.

2.Stripping – Donation organizations should receive bare mattresses with no sheets, covers, toppers, or casings.

3.Cleaning - Get professional help or do it yourself. Vacuum all surfaces if working alone.After that, spot treat any stains (using specialized cleaning products).Re-vacuum all surfaces after sprinkling baking soda over all surfaces and letting it sit overnight.

4.Storage & Packaging – Keep your old mattress dry and clean until donation.Pack it for pickup or delivery if necessary.

With your mattress donation proof, you will receive a full refund from SunrisingBedding while helping those in need at the same time.We win both!


If your new mattress is severely soiled, accidentally torn, unable to be repaired, or has been exposed to bedbugs or other pests and cannot be donated, it can be recycled, however, a refund cannot be obtained in this case.

Don't let your discarded mattress pile up and add to Earth's burden. Instead, try any of the above ways and you'll end up helping both people and the planet in the end It's a win-win situation, really!

Thank you for your question. After you receive your mattress, you can sleep on it for 120 nights to figure out it fits you or not.  Any dissatisfaction within 120 days, please contact us. We will work with you to donate the mattress to your local charity in need and refund you in full, 100% free of risk.

Thank you for your question. I understand most customers are concerned about this question. The answer is definitely NO. We never resell a used mattress, and all the returned mattresses are handled through Amazon. Most of returned mattresses are donated. Once the mattress is unpacked from the original bag, it's impossible to compress it without the huge machine in factory. We promise each mattress received by customer is new.

The mattress you ordered is covered by free shipping and return, so you don’t have pay for it. If you decided to return your Sunrising Bedding mattress, choose the Heavy-Bulky return options handled by a specialty carrier team from the Online Returns Center. Inform them the item you bought is a mattress, and they will pick it up from your house. Then you just wait for the money back. That’s it!