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Who we are

Our business is all about giving a clear and transparent picture of the profit making process in mattress business. It may sound crazy, but it us true.

Our company's name is Sunrise Success Inc. We are a commercial company registered in Virginia by our founder, Dorothy. Our company’s pride is a mattress brand named Sunrising Bedding, the newest mattress brand.

Sunrising Bedding mattresses are produced by the top furniture manufacturer, the same manufacturer that supplies mattresses for famous brands like Mattress Firm, Sleepy and BOB Mattress.

Our brand, our mission

“Sunrising”, our brand, is meant to evoke the feeling of the sun rising in the morning. It makes us think of something warm, relaxing and pleasant, like gentle morning sunlight shining on our skin after a good night's sleep. That's how Sunrising Bedding mattresses wake those who sleep on them. And like a cloudless, sunlit morning, Sunrising Bedding aims to become an online brand that fully discloses how it makes its profits. With no clouds to obscure the truth.

You may be thinking, "Why would they do that?" Keep reading.

Our research

Before we started out, we had been investigating the online mattress industry for 9 months. What we found was a problem of information asymmetry in the market. For example, a buyer had no way of knowing how the sale price of a mattress was calculated. A buyer had no way of knowing:

--The materials cost equals to how much percentage of the sale price

--The fabrication cost equals to how much percentage of the sale price

--The storage and distribution cost equals to how much percentage of the sale price

--How much profit is made on a mattress

--Will the mattress meet the buyer 's needs?


A buyer could get a little information about a mattress by spending lots of time going over user reviews and other online sources. But this information will never tell the buyer if a particular mattress is worth only a tiny fraction of the sale price. The shopping process is time-consuming and the only true way to know whether a product is right for you is to actually buy and try it. In other words, the shopping process is in some ways, a gamble.

Our findings

Through our research, we asked ourselves, “Is the business environment clear and transparent enough at this internet age?” You should ask yourself the same question and do some research.

You will find, like we did, that the answer is “NO”. Many businesses closely guard their information as trade secrets. This way, the buyer only has access to limited information. This enables businesses to realize massive profit margins.

The alternative

The research we did inspired us to create Sunrising Bedding. We may not be in the business of consumption guidance, but we will share the process of how our mattresses come to exist, from the raw materials to the complete mattress that delivered to your doorstep.

We hope our insight into the mattress industry will open a door to you, our customers, to see how our business runs. We hope that the information we share is useful in answering questions and clearing up confusion for anyone looking for a valued buy. Driven by this mission, we started Sunrising Bedding.

All the information you need are right here

On this site, you will find all you need to know about Sunrising Bedding. Other pages have information about how our business operates, the overhead and profit of each of our products. Give us 10% profit and Sunrising Bedding will offer you a comfortable, healthy and high-quality mattress.