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Usually, it takes 3-5 business days.

Bed frame/foundation

Bed frames that are hard and flat such as spring box, platform, panel, trundle, daybed are all compatible with our hybrid mattresses(8 inch and 10 inch). You can even put our mattress directly on the floor.
Apart from the above bed frames, murphy bed frame and adjustable beds are also compatible with our 12 inch memory foam mattress.

Yes, but please make sure the slats are less than 3 inches apart.

Yes, but we would not recommend, and you should know that cutting it down would invalidate your warranty.

No, bed foundation is not included.

You can leave the mattress as long as you like and it will not affect the mattress size. Our mattresses are made of quality foam, so no worries.


We recommend you to wait for 24 hours to make sure it is fully expanded. However, It is also okay to sleep on the mattress after hours of expanding as long as the mattress expands to its standard size. If it doesn't get fully expanded after 24 hours, contact us at and we'll try our best to solve the problem until you get satisfied.

I’m afraid you can’t. The mattress can not be folded as the way it came in without machine’s help. It's not easy to put it away in a closet of limited space either. A van is needed if you want to move it to another city.

Cut the plastic package carefully with a blade. Keep the sharper side facing you so you won't cut into the mattress.


Within 20 years, if your mattress has over 1 inch body impression/hollow, or sag, lump caused by manufacture defects, you can contact our customer service and we'll deliver you another new mattress for free. For Sunrisingbed warranty details, visit mattress warranty

View details in our sleep trials page: /120-day-sleep-trial View details in our mattress warrantypage:/mattress-warranty

Materials&Origin Country

This mattress is made in Malaysia, but it is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is made from safe materials and qualified for physical performance. We ensure you it is of the same quality as U.S. made mattresses.

It comes from Malaysia’s top furniture manufacturer Wings Developing. Wings Developing supplies mattresses for many U.S. famous mattress brands, such as BOB'S, Sleepy, Nectar Sleep, Dream Cloud, and even Walmart. The Latex is also made from Malaysia’s rubber tree, 100% natural.


The mattress is single-sided. For our memory foam mattress, there is no need for revolving or rotating. For our innerspring mattress, you can rotate it every half year, which means placing the head of the mattress at the foot of the bed.

We wouldn't recommend that for sake of safety. If you indeed need to use it, remember to keep the electric blanket at low heat set while sleeping.

It's easy to wash. Just drop it in your washing machine. Check here to view how to clean your mattress./mattress-clean

The mattress cover is not waterproof. You'd better cover it with a special mattress protector or sheet in case the baby piss on it.

You'd better use a method that is safe to human body. Bed bug killers are not suitable for bugs on bed. For that, I recommend a the method of insulation. You can wrap your mattress frame with a specialized cover and put bug traps under each bed foot. Then wrap your mattress with 2 mattress covers. Keeping the bugs inside for 400 days will starve them to death. For more effective tips, get your bedbug treatment secrets here./bed-bug-treatment


Usually it takes 3 to 5 business days, and it can be longer if encountering bad weather.

This mattress will be compressed and rolled into a box,then shipped shipped to your door. The shipping is free and doesn't break the mattress.

Yes. We ship to most parts of the United States including Hawaii and the affiliated islands (military areas cannot be transported). If you have questions about the shipping address, please feel free to contact us at

Motion transfer&Noise

We are proud to say that all our mattresses, both the Hybrid and the Memory Foam do well in motion isolation. The mattress only bounces back where weight is added, making it excellent for couples.

No, our mattress is quiet and silent.

Old mattress disposal

Sorry, we don't have service to deal with you old mattress. We recommend that you send it to a recycle center after the new mattress pass the sleep trial. Check here to find how to do with your old mattress. /mattress-disposal

Suitable for whom

Yes, the mattress works well for adults. In fact, our mattresses work well for all age groups. It can be placed in not only your master room but also your guest room.

Our 12 inch are defined as a firm mattress in memory foam category, but not super firm. So If you are a stomach or back sleeper, this should work great for you. If you are a side sleeper, you can also have comfortable sleep on the mattress by adding a soft topper.

Yes, if you have the above and the following health problems, our mattress will give you a great relief to help you have a good rest. The following problems are acid reflux, allergies, fibromyalgia, neck pain, osteoporosis, plus size, restless leg, restricted mobility, sleep apnea, sleeping hot, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis.

Our mattress can support weight as heavy as 800lb, so there's no problem to support overweight persons. It won't sag or leave body impression/hollow on the mattress.


First, measure your bed to make sure the size of bed you need, twin, twin xl, full, queen, king or california king. Our mattresses are all standard sizes.

Twin, Twin XL and Full mattresses suit better for single beds.
King and California King mattresses suit better for double beds.
The Queen mattress suits for both.

Professional data

Twin: 496 Twin XL: 526 Full: 682 Queen: 825 King: 1056 California King: 1086

The thickness of latex layer of 8 inch and 10 inch innerspring hybrid latex mattress is 1 inch. The guage of the coils is 2mm.

Our 8 inch consist of 1 inch latex top layer and 7 inch independently encased coil base(2.0 mm Diameter in the middle, and 2 Lines of 2.2 mm Diameter on the Edge). The density of the latex layer is 3.4263 lb/ft3. The cover is made from luxury cashmere goat wool(320g PK soft cotton).

The coils are made of high carbon steel wires of which the diameter is 2mm in the middle for our 8 inch and 1.8mm in the middle for our 10 inch. However, the diameter on the edge for both our 8 inch and 10 inch is 2.2mm.


Our mattresses don’t contain any flame retardants. However, all our mattresses do have a fire-proof inner protector, made from high density fiber (no glass fiber & chemical fire retardant) TX- CFR 1633 test passed. That's all green and healthy materials to human body.

Our mattresses don’t contain any flame retardants. Their fire-proof inner protectors are made from high density fiber (no glass fiber & chemical fire retardant) TX- CFR 1633 test passed. That's all green and healthy materials to human body.

Yes, they are safe and healthy to people. The latex is 100% natural, the memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, the cover is either cashmere wool cover or Tencel cover. There’s no formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, ozone depleters or VOC.


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From Products FAQs

Website says, “he/she says, whatever who says, only what I say is right. We brought the mattress. Does we love it? Does it bother you? You aren’t happy that someone makes a purchase to give the seller 5 stars? ?Too bad, I did. You want to screw someone’s business by unfair questions, that won't happen. I'm a customer to purchase something online, I don't care who they are unless they have good products. We absolutely love this mattress!”

I haven't had this bed long, and M not keeping it because it's too firm for me. My guess is because of its firmness and latex and coils I doubt it will sink.

I still had some concern.Gladly,I didn’t find any bugs and I kept looking through out the time I was using and yep nothing! Clean bugs from bed.

We do not recommend to put this mattress on an adjustable bed. Once the mattress bends, the pocket springs may be out of shape, and affect the support and comfort.

Thank you for your question. This mattress is designed only on one side.

The mattress you ordered is covered by free shipping and return, so you don’t have pay for it. If you decided to return your Sunrising Bedding mattress, choose the Heavy-Bulky return options handled by a specialty carrier team from the Online Returns Center. Inform them the item you bought is a mattress, and they will pick it up from your house. Then you just wait for the money back. That’s it!

Thank you for your question, the supplier is from Malaysia. The supplier name is a trade secret, and the email is sent to obtain the name of the supplier company. The email is

Thank you for your question.
Sorry, Sunrising Bedding didn't register for the spring brand. And we don't name it. The spring inside is made to meet the highest standard. The cover of this mattress is not removable.

This bed is qualified for amorous activities. ?As a innerspring mattress, it has a strong bounce. You will love it.

Yes. It can stay for as long as 6 months in the box. We've tested for you in our warehouse. It won't cause any damage to the mattress and won't affect practical use.

No. they are steel coils wrapped in non-woven fabrics.

Thank you for your question.
We would recommend you put the mattress on a bedding for the sake of durability, but it is also ok without using a bedding.
Anything else we can help, please let us know.

Sunrising Bedding is high density fiber fireproof lining without adding chemical flame retardants and have Texas 1633 CFR certification, each mattress of Sunrising Bedding collocates a law label. The high density fibers are also used in body armor lining.

The current Sunrising Bedding full size measurement is 54" x 75". Please measure your bed length and width before placing an order. Thank you.

Hi there , actually it is just a Suggestion. With a plywood, the mattress can provide more support ,it depends on your own taste, but there will be no problem if you put our mattress directly on a box spring.

Please rest assured that our Mattress can support 500 lbs without sagging. We have a warranty of 20 years. Within 20 years, if you find the mattress sagging, we will ship you a new it.

Only 1”. That’s why I have an additional 3” latex topper on mine..

Thank you for your question.
The dimensions of Sunrising Bedding 8 inch hybrid mattress Twin XL size is 39 inch width & 80 inch length & 8 inch depth.

Sunrising Bedding mattress can withstand a weight of 800lbs. Our mattress is thick enough for overweight sleepers. What’s more, overweight sleepers are more suitable for a firm mattress so as to not “sink in” too much.

No, the mattress has only one size where you can sleep on. But you can rotate it by placing the head of the mattress at the foot of the bed.Thanks

I bought it replace my huge memory foam mattress which was so hot. This mattress still holds some heat but not as warm as the former. I think foam layers will be hot. I don't think my mattress has any gel memory foam, just the 1 inch latex foam. Mine is a very firm mattress, you do not sink into it at all.

Hi,We rate it as medium-firm among innerspring mattresses, because a natural latex layer is added on the top as a cushion. Actually people have diverse feel about the firmness of one mattress. For example, some of our customers think it medium-firm, some think it is firm but maybe others think it is soft. For more references of the firmness, you can go to questions for our mattress that is under the product description.Thank you!

Not yet, of course I have only used the mattress for a couple of months.

There might be a problem if not completely unfolded, I would think that wouldn’t be comfortable at all.....on the other hand, It takes a few days to ‘inflate’ or ‘puff up’ completely, but after the first 8 hours, my daughter slept on it and it was fine.

The pocket coils are wraped independently. The coils on the edge sides is made of 2.2mm gauge steel, this is better for edge support. And the other pocket coils in the middle of mattress is made of 2.0mm steel. Sunrising Bedding provides proper and long-lasting support and comfort. Hope you will enjoy your sleep on it. Thank you.

It is 1 inch of latex. I saw the accompanying review videos or search on YouTube for review videos (that is what I did). The accompanying video suggested that the more concentrated one’s weight, probably the greater need for a thicker foam layer. I am 6.2 and 165 pounds. I have had my Sinrising Bedding for about 6 months and still would rate it a best value product.

I seriously doubt it! It feels just as clean and natural as they advertised.

Thank you for your inquiry. Sunrising Bedding mattresses are shipped by Amazon, you can contact the custom service of Amazon and inform them of your requirement , they will deliver the mattress to your doorway.

Mine is about 9 inches. I was not a sure about buying a mattress in this way, but I am delighted with it. Upon placing it on the frame, no box springs, it immediately laid flat and was ready to use without unpleasant odor. In future, I will purchase my mattresses in this manner. It was delivered promptly with no damage whatsoever. I have nothing negative to say about my purchase.

I did not buy that. I bought the 8" innerspring with the latex on top. They make a solid latex I believe for $700.00. That is more than I can afford. Besides, I like the innerspring type mattress.

Thank you for your question
It comes from Chinese top furniture manufacturer Delandis, Delandis is a American manufacturer cooperating with many famous mattress brands, mattress firm, BOB's, Sleepy’s,etc. from Thailand, 100% natural, this mattress does not include foam

This mattress is very firm; but still comfortable. It comes collapsed flat, rolled, and in a box. The Queen I bought was pretty heavy, I was able to carry it up the stairs (in the box) with some effort.

This mattress is very nice!
It has no smell at all. The package was fabulous, and so is everything about this mattress.
It was completely ready to sleep on after 8 hours.
Again there is no odor al all, and the natural cover is very nice!
I would buy it again and again.!!

It’s very firm. So firm that I have an additional 3” latex topper on mine. Not sure how you would return it- because it comes compressed in a box. Once it’s opened up it would be impossible to box it back up again/compress it.

No, it’s just very firm and there is a top and a bottom because the latex layer (1”) is just in one side. It’s basically springs with 1” of latex in the one side- that’s why I bought it to use as a base for my 3”latex topper, instead of a box spring. It works great. It’s pretty heavy though. But I can’t imagine sleeping on it plain, with no cushion or topper- because of its firmness.

Our mattresses don't contain any fiberglass. The cover can not be opened, inside the cover are flame retardant cotton, a layer of natural latex and the individually Encased Pocket Coil base.

I really don’t know!
I would suggest maybe putting a sheet of finished plywood.
The mattress is great!

I wouldn't say it's extra firm. But it's firmer than described.

Thank you for paying attention to our product. It's $315.39. Our Full size mattresses are on their way to the warehouse. It takes 1 or 2 weeks before you can buy it.

No, the materials inside this mattress only the All-Natural Latex and Pocket Coils. No polyurethane at all.

Thanks for your question. Our mattress doesn't contain any flame retardants. But our mattress has a fire-proof inner protector, which is made of dacron fibre blended with adhesive fibre of low melting point. They are all green and healthy materials to human body. Our mattress are CertiPUR-US certified for safety and health.

Yes, they have both certifications. Our fabric supplier owns the certificate, if you want to take a look, please contact us at

Sorry for the confusion, this mattress consists of 100% natural latex layer and innerspring layer ,which I have had there is no non-latex foam in this mattress. So you don’t need to worry about the off-gassing with this mattress.

The cover is very nice cotton fabric. It’s a wonderful, comfortable mattress. I have had it for 5 months and sleep on it myself 3 nights weekly.

The coils are 7 inch tall.

Our 8 and 10 inch mattresses are not for adjustable bed frame. Putting the mattress on the adjustble bed frame will void the warranty. However, you may try our 12 inch memory foam mattress on it, it is currently available on our website. We sincerely apology for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your inquiry, yes the guarantee return includes free shipping, we offer free shipping for new order ,as well as any return happens during the 120 trail days or the guarantee period.

I have the 1 inch and I did not buy a topper. With the 1 inch, you do know that you're on a coil mattress. Perhaps the thicker foam layer would make you feel that you are on an all foam But then why not buy an all latex if that is your preference. I don't know. Also, the mattress is firmer than foam mattresses and probably feels more so with only the 1 inch layer of latex. So the extra latex probably makes it feel softer. I did not want the 'sink in' feeling, so am happy with the 1 inch over coils. And I'm not hot at night. And not rolling off the edge of the bed.

Yes, mine is on an adjustable base and it works fine. I have had mine about 6 months and it seems ok. It shifts position a little when I raise it up high, but I think they all do.

I put a 1” topper as well as a mattress cover from my old mattress on mine I’m not having that problem with it

The mattress is packed by two bags, one outer blue bag and one tan inner bag, if the inner bag is in good condition, then no worries, the mattress is in a good condition, you can feel free to open it and inflate it. Anything else we can help, please let us know.

Hi there,the legal tag shows that ALL NEW MATERIAL consisting of 100% natural latex, 2.0MM gauge wrapped coil sprin, which is the inside contents of the mattress.

I have not seen that. I did not take the mattress apart to see

It’s a good mattress if you like a very firm mattress.

The pocket coils inside the mattress is arranged evenly over the whole mattress by 2.0mm gauge tempered steel coils, except for four lines on the edge made of 2.2mm gauge coils for better edge support.

Sunrising Bedding Natural latex hybrid springs are made of steel.

Thank you for your question. The cooling ability of these two mattresses has little difference. Although their constructions have a little different, there is not much difference in the cooling sleep feelings. Because they both adopt the natural latex and pocket coils, and 10 inch mattress adds the extremely breathable foam to create more air flow. Hope my answer can help. Thank you.

Sunrising Bedding Latex hybrid coils Queen mattresses are out of stock from FBA warehouse. The new freights are already on its way and predicted to arrive in FBA warehouse next week. We are now shipping out queen mattresses from our own warehouse in California. So Queen size mattress are not in Amazon Prime.

If you contact the Sunrising company they will give you the info you need. I was leery about the idea of buying a mattress on line. The company says 120 days. I do not know about returning it because the mattress is fine for me.

This mattress can be put in a box for 14 months,we've done experiments.

I am six feet and weigh 240 lbs. On September, I had back surgery. I bought this mattress specifically for my surgery, as I am a side-sleeper. It was a godsend.

Thank you for your inquiry. Sunrising Bedding Latex Hybrid Coil Queen size mattress consists of 825 independent coils, and the thickness of the coils are 2.0 mm Diameter. 

There are 1056 coils (that is 32*33) and 14 gauge in the King.
For your reference, here are the coils count for the other 3 sizes: Twin:496(16*31)
Full: 682(22*31)
Queen: 825(25*33)

Thank you for your question. After you receive your mattress, you can sleep on it for 120 nights to figure out if it fits you or not. Any dissatisfaction within 120 days, please contact us. We will arrange a free return and full refund to you. 100% free of risk.

Sorry, 10 inch pocket coils hybrid latex mattress doesn't work on adjustable bed. Because the coils inside the mattress will not fit the curve of the adjustable bed, and it always needs a vertical support. By the way, we have another mattress type - 12 inch memory foam mattress, which can work on adjustable bed. Maybe you can see that. Thank you.

Sorry, no. Sunrising Bedding 8 inch innerspring mattress is not adjustable. But you may try Sunrising Bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress. It can be used with a hospital bed.

It is one sided, so it doesn't need to be flipped but, it probably wouldn't hurt to rotate it periodically.

The cover is expensive cashmere, the top goat hair that is far better than ordinary wool and merino. The diameter of cashmere hair is below 19μm, which means it is thinner than human hair that is 75μm.

I think is going to slide. but overall Sunrising Bedding 8 inches is very comfortable mattress and at a good price. I had it for eight months and it is still nice and firm.

This is Mattress Structure: surface made of 1cm natural latex and 320g PK soft foam,natural latex density#55 soft 18cm rimless independent bag (2.0mm string).Pilling free and wear-resisting knitted cloth with undetachable cover.Natural latex provide you with more comfortable sleeping experience and resist moisture.

Thanks for you question. You’d better place the mattress package on your box spring before unpacking it. Since the mattress is rolled with the mattress bottom outside, you don’t have to flip the mattress after the plastic bag is removed.

Thank you for pointing out this deception. CertiPUR-US is only indeed for polyfoam. Not that 1 inch of latex would matter in the slightest. 1 inch of talalay latex would be nearly half the cost of the entire mattress besides being pointless. Obvious BS.

Cashmere wool comes from neck hair and belly hair of cashmere goats. Herdsmen regularly shave off excess wool from cashmere goats, which does not harm them. The wool will continue to grow, and then continue to do so, after a period of time.

There are altogether 682 Premium pocket coils in our 10 inch full size, we do list the gauge information in the 5 bullet of our listing. In the middle of the mattress, the gauge is 1.8mm diameter, however, there are 2 lines of 2.2 diameter coils on the edge, this is to make the edge more supportive. Anything else we can help, please feel free to let us know.

This mattress coils are very firm and the mattress itself isn't very flexible. I believe bending this mattress will put undue pressure on these particular coils and eventually make them break down. I returned this mattress for reason that I have an adjustable bed. Instead, I love the Swiss Ortho 12"high-quality density reversible latex a memory foam that not only work great on an adjustable foundation, but the mattress itself is reasonably priced and probably one of the most comfortable mattresses I've owned!

Our mattress can fully support the weight as you asked, but we would recommend that Queen or King size will be suitable for two people to sleep. Full size is more suitable for a single person to sleep.Thank you.

We would recommend you wait until 24 hours later to make sure the mattress is fully stretched out, but usually 2-3 hours sleep on it.

Our 8 inch innerspring latex hybrid mattress has a cashmere cover, which is totally made of natural organic materials.

The fire protection layer of Sunrising Bedding mattress is a thin layer under the mattress cover made of cellucotton. Cellucotton is the blend of cellulose? cotton which can effectively stop the fire from spreading. And it does not contain any chemical materials or fiberglass, making sure to provide a healthy sleep environment for sleepers.

There is only 1 inch of latex on top of the coils so it is very firm. We added a 2"latex topper and it is perfect for us.

I do not know. I have bought the 8 inch mattress for several times for different bedrooms because I love the mattress. Has not deformed.

I would say about 7. You definitely won't get 'sink-in' feeling that you get with memory foam. For me, that is a plus.

It is very comfortable to me. It's firm, but a little soft. I also have a 3inch memory foam on top. I have had it about 6 months and still sleeping great.

Yes, GOLS certification process needs a long time, but we guarantee the latex is natural. Sunrising Bedding natural latex hybrid coil mattress, adopting Talalay foaming process. The cost of this process is very expensive, we use the technology to ensure the quality of the production of latex. If the raw material of the latex is reduced, or the mixed, latex does not conform to the Talalay production process.

Please don’t worry about that. If you don’t like your Sunrising Bedding mattress, you don’t have to return it in the original packages. Amazon large item return group will pick it up from your house, and you will get your full refund.

Hi, sorry, we currently don't produce a 12 inch natural latex mattress model. But we'll carefully consider your suggestion and may make that model in the future. Maybe a 12 inch model would be softer but also costs more. Our advice is that you can try our 8 inch model and buy another topper to go with it as a cushion.

The hybrid means the mattress consists of two materials, that is latex and innerspring. Our latex is 100% natural talalay latex

This bedding cannot be flipped over and used on either side. Its construction from the bottom up is individually wrapped coils, latext rubber, and cashmere feeling padded topper (cool to the touch). The bed is very firm and helpful for my back.

Compared to our 8 inch mattress, our 10 inch maattress has an extra 2 inch memory foam(gel infused memroy foam and memroy foam), however, the memory foam is CertiPUR-US Certified.

Thank you for your question. Latex material of Sunrising Bedding mattress is imported from Thailand and we produce it by using Talalay technology.

The weights of different sizes of “Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Hybrid ndependently Encased Coil Mattress ”are as follows.?? Twin Size : 36.6 pound Full Size : 60.5 pounds Queen Size: 81.6 pounds King Size : 103 pounds

I believe it can, but I am not sure. I recommend the mattress for daily use.

The natural latex hybrid mattress has latex materials, that is exported from Thailand. The mattress is made by top manufacture in China, which is also the supplier of Walmart US and many famous mattress brands in US.

I'm not familiar with that brand, the matress is firm and it needs a solid support underneath. If the metal is firm enough, it will work. Just plan on buying a topper unless you want a extremely firm mattress.

That is a question for the manufacturer. From what I read, there is a latex layer and springs encased in fabric. Claim is made that there are no petroleum based materials.The bed is very comfy. I have been sleeping on it nightly since June 2017. Very good value for the cost.

I have the 8"with a 1"latex topper. This is a very firm mattress, which almost made me shy away difficulties when researching to buy. I am glad that we got it (Cal King) and it is very comfortable.

Yes, this natural latex mattress fits any beds frame: box spring, platform, slats, bunk beds,trundle beds, or just on the floor.

No, this is a one sided mattress.

The latex innerspring mattress can support 800 lbs without sagging or sinking. We've tested it for you.

There is no standard of"enough". I think it's 1". Out of the box, the bed is very firm. We purchased a 2"natural latex topper from Meyer Bedding (not Amazon) to go on top, and now it is perfect.

The fabric wraps the pocket coild contains a part of Polyester. It is on the bottom layer, not touching the sleepers directly. This mattress cover is made of pure cashmere wool.

Natural latex mattress ILD of latex layer is 20.

Our mattress have a 120-day free trial. During that period, for any reason you don't like the mattress, you can return it and get your full refund. Also, we have a 20-year warranty. During that period, if you find any problems caused by manufacture defects, we can deliver you a new mattress for free. We ensure you have a risk-free shopping experience. You can rest assured to try Sunrising mattress.

Thank you for your question.Talalay and Dunlop are two latex producing methods, they won't cause a smell difference. Sunrising Bedding latex mattress is certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). Talalay latex is result in a lighter, airier, and do a good job of dissipating heat and keeping you comfortable.I think Sunrising Bedding 8 inch latex & pocket coil hybrid mattress is suitable for your requirement as a firm mattress.(firmness rate: 8)

Thanks for you question. No, the Talalay latex layer is only 1 inch thick. You won't feel stuck when moving around and turning over. In fact, the Talalay latex layer adds some cushions to the spring mattress, but it still has perfect responsive feature to keep up with your body movements.

Hello there, the firmness of the mattress is about 7 (10 is ultral firm), which means this mattress falls somewhere between plush and firm. The good news is that a litttle firmer mattress is better for children's back than plush one. As we can see most buyers of our latex innerspring mattress are young people and the reviews turned out to be good. This mattress is not too firm. For kids and young people, it is just in the right way.

I can't say how it would be for a large man, but I will say that it is a firm mattress. So, I would think that it would be ok for him. (But none of us are that big.)

The mattress needs 2 hours to expend, then you can sleep on it.

The cover is very nice cotton fabric. It’s a wonderful, comfortable mattress. I have had it for 5 months and slept on it for 3 months. Great value.

The wrinkles didn't last long on my mattress. As for waviness, if your meaning is what I think, the rolls(waviness) are due to the stitching. That's what reckon. They won't go away. But for me, I rather like the way that rolls feel. Hope this helps.

Our latex mattress can support 500 lbs without sagging.

I don't know it. But it's easy to add the topper. You can find one on Amazon, that's natural and not expensive. I added two, mom added one. whatever the reason, this is a fantastic deal to a great product. Best ever.

Not so far! But I've had mine less than a year.

Yes, this mattress is built by 1 inch layer of Natural Latex and independent pocket coils.

There is very little latex on top. I don't know about customizable sizes. It is very firm and I had to buy a 3 inch latex foam topper to make it comfortable.

There are 682 pocket coils in Full size mattress. The outer 4 lines of coils on the mattress edge are made of 2.2 mm tempered coils for better edge support, and the rest are made of 2.0 mm coils. Hope my answer could help. Thank you.

We provide free delivery via UPS or FedEx in random, but we do not provide the old mattress picking up service. Sorry about that.

Thank you for your question.This 8 inch spring hybrid latex mattress is suitable for placement on the floor, box sprint or platform.

Hi, sorry for the trouble and inconvenience. The normal size for Full is 74-75 long and 53-54 wide. Our mattress is a little bit bigger. But it should have no problem to be placed on a Full box spring. Could you tell me whether you have any problem in using the mattress?

Thank you for your question. Sunrising Bedding 10"mattress is new to market, which adds another two memory foam comfort layers based on the 8"mattress construction. Some sleepers prefer to a medium/firm mattress, 10"mattress offers more pressure relief to those sleepers. Thank you.

I have it in my living room on the floor .

I have not taken the cover off to measure the latex. I did, but it is for the Natural Latex feature. I made this purchase of a Full size for my camper. My husband and I have plenty of room along with two parters. I have slept extremely well on this mattress. It is firm, but offers great support. I have hot flashes and this really seems to be helpful to keep me cooler. We have had this and sleeping on it about 2 weeks. Hope this helps

I bought the 8"natural latex-interspring mattress. I do not know anything about the 10"mattress.

The thickness of the latex foam is 1”, it is on both sides of the mattress.

CertiPur-US is a certification for memory foam. Sunrising Bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress is certified by CertiPur-US. Sunrising Bedding is on the list of the CertiPur-US official website. Sunrising Bedding 8 inch natural latex hybrid coil mattress has got the flame proof certification by TX CFR1633.

Sorry, there is only one firmness option for this mattress.

Yes, this mattress can be used on a box spring.

The latex innerspring mattress California King Size : 84 x 72 x 8 inches.

The list of Certipur-US Certification company websites has our brand, you can check it.

The only animal material that Sunrising Bedding adopts is wool on the mattress cover. The other materials on this mattress are nothing about animal. We are also trying to do something green and peaceful to this world. Thank you.

Hi, I can understand your problem. Our mattress only has 1 inch latex layer, so you may feel the spring. Our other customers also said about that. But that won’t affect practical use. If you want it to be softer, you can buy a topper, just as some of our other customers did.

The percentage of the wool is about 50%.

Yes, Sunrising Bedding 8 inch mattress confirms one inch Talalay Latex, no memory foam inside.Sunrising Bedding 10 inch mattress contains both Talalay latex and memory foam inside.

The wide of the sunrising bedding Twin mattress is 38 inch.

The two most common box spring heights are a standard 9-inch box spring and a low profile 5-inch box spring. As our mattress is 8 inch thick, I suggest that you choose a 9 inch box box spring. So the total height of the bed reaches 17 inch, which will be convenient for you to get in and get out of the bed.

The shipping was good. The mattress comes rolled in small box. Take out of the box and it restores to full size. I found the mattress to be as hard as a rock. I gave it away.

It is fully inflated in about 1 minute. It is incredible to see how much it expands in such a short time.

It's a regular King size and about 10"thick.

Yes you can. I have mine on a platform frame that has wood slats and it is just fine.

The gauge of our 10 inch Full mattress is 1.8mm diameter in the middle and there are 2 lines of 2.2mm diameter on the edge, which is to make the edge more supportive.There is no solid foam around the mattress.

Sorry about that, this mattress is only for one side use. If you change the side, your body may feel the existence of the innerspring ,which may make you not so comfortable ,however, it is only about personal preference. If you prefer using this mattress in this way, there will be no problem except for the personal body comfort. So we suggest that you can place an order and try it with our 120-night trail, if you are not satisfied with the mattress, you will get full refund and no bother with the delivery.

You are welcome to contact Sunrising Bedding customer service by email at customservice@sunrisingbedding.comThe customer support will handle with your issue. Thank you.

Hi, the Sunrising Bedding latex mattress packing dimensions around: 72*12*12 inch

No glue causing odor. Most manufacturers are careful about some odor upon unrolling, due to being tightly sealed. They also recommend upon unrolling to let it “air” and “fully form”. For this product, I didn't smell odor. While I could have sooner slept on it, I did wait 24 hours. This mattress is very firm which is exactly what I was looking for (I have onset of early age related back issues). I have the Twin size. I would rate this product as a “Best Value” on performance, quality materials, and price.

8 inch is thick enough for a mattress to have all features that it should have. But according to most of our customers’ feedback, it may feel firm. If you like a firm spring mattress, this mattress would be your best choice.

Thanks for your question. Our mattress have a high safty standard that surpasses the California Proposition 65. It is made of natural latex and steal coils. All materials are natural organic. It is CertiPUR-US certified which means it doesn't contain any harmful substances. This mattress is totally free of chemicals. Please rest assured of it.

Our mattress cover is made of cashmere wool blended with cotton, so it feels soft and smooth, pretty comfortable for your skin.

Sunrising Bedding Queen Mattress Size : 60"* 80"Sunrising Bedding Queen Mattress Size : 60"* 80"

I bought it for personal use only, so I wouldn't have an answer about a hospital. But, I can tell you it is a very firm mattress, too firm for me and based on this information alone, I would not recommend it for a hospital.

Pretty sure that the only difference is the amount of latex, 1"vs 3". So I imagine the 8 inch mattress feels firmer than the 10 inch because of less latex.

I have a bed frame with slats and it's perfect.

As for someone who lives in Hawaii, it has been brutally hot and humid for pass two days.As for the hot problem, I can say, no!!! Of course, I had the fan on, but I've slept on memory foam before and no matter how many fans I had going, I'd be sweating!! I absolutely love this mattress!!

No, the firmness of it would be perfect for kids. Most buyers of our latex innerspring mattress are young people. They need firmer mattresses. But as you can see, in our customer reviews, it is not hard. And we added a latex layer for cushion. Your kid will love it.

I have the 8"mattress and it has 1"latex and probably 1/2"in the cover so that makes it 6 1/2-7"for the coils. I added a 2"latex topper for comfort because I didn't want the memory and high density foam of the 10". I would guess that each foam layers to be 1"each.

Yes, it is compatible with your bed. Our mattress is actually 74.5 inches in length and 38.5 inches in width. That means it is only 1/8 inch longer and 1/4 inch wider than your bed frame. The slight difference doesn’t matter.

I did not buy this mattress and don't know the mechanics of compressing an innerspring mattress. But I wanted to add that I purchased a latex innerspring hybrid bed-in-a-box from another retailer and can vouch that it's possible and doesn't damage anything. At the same time, I purchased that mattress, it was the only legit-looking company I could find that did this, but since then I've seen other companies do it, too.

Not at all, it is really a good quality mattress for the price!

I really wish there was a fool proof way of buying a fiberglass free & comfortable mattress. I've spent a year looking.

Glad to answer your question. This mattress is single-sided. It can't and needn't be flipped. Usually, it only needs to be rotated every 3 months in its first year.

Yes, it's of free of harmful substances, as our latex innerspring mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, it is totally safe to you.

This mattress does not have that. I bought it for my daughter and there were no off gassing smells at all. We did have to buy a mattress topper though. We went with a 2 inches soft 100% pure latex topper. Bed is wonderful. Hope this helps.

I'm not sure that if there is a layer in-between, but I haven't noticed any breakdown. I did decide to purchase a secondary latex topper. I only weight 110 lbs and I felt the springs were too hard. They are pretty stiff if you don't weigh enough to compress them. My boyfriend who is 210 pounds said he thought it was fine. Its def a high quality matress though and I don't think the spring or latex will break down for quite a long time.

If you need to return it, you can apply for a return on your order page. Or you can directly contact Amazon. Please tell them what you bought is a mattress. Then they will arrange staff for large items to pick up your mattress on your doorstep. You shall get full refund in a week. Thank you for your understanding. For any questions, please directly contact us.

This is too firm for side sleepers. You need a topper. It can irritate your rotator cuff which will lead to neck and shoulder pain issues that would need to be resolved by a massage therapist. It has happened to me before, I use a 3” natural latex medium softness topper. I love this mattress because it’s less expensive and lighter than a solid latex mattress. It’s kind of a waste to pay for all latexs when you can get the same results with 3 or 4 inches of latex -that’s why I added the topper. The mattress is mainly for height on my bed frame.

My husband and I have slept on it for 3 years and we've not had any issues. He only weights about 60 lbs.

Certipur-US doesn't certify mattresses free of anything. They only certify polyurethane foam.

When I bought it, the description said 2".

Unit: inchTwin: 11*11*43Full: 11*11*58Queen: 11*11*65

Thanks for your question. We use Talalay latex in this hybrid mattress for more contouring feel and bounce.

The cover is expensive cashmere, the top goat hair that is far better than ordinary wool and merino. The diameter of cashmere hair is below 19μ, which means it is thinner than human hair that is 75μ.The latex layer is 1 inch thick. Density is 3.4263 lb/ft3. Raw materials of latex are from Thailand. It is natural latex.Our coils are made of high-carbon steel wire. The guage(diameter ) of the coils is 2mm. Here are the number of coils in every size of the mattress: Twin: 496, Full: 682, Queen: 825, King: 1056.