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Easy return & refund

One fantastic thing about us is that if you find that you aren't comfortable with the mattress after 120 days, you will receive all the funds you spent on it. That’s equivalent to 100% money back guarantee. By visiting our site, you will be directed to Amazon website when you click the "BUY AMAZON" option. From our store at Amazon, you will found out this great deal of getting a money back guarantee. It entails just 3 steps for you to be refunded and the good news is that it will take a week. Do you have any other question? Just mail us at customservice@sunrisingbed.com for an instant reply.

The 3 steps are

  1. From the order page, you just need to request for a return. The other option is to call (888) 280 4331 which is the support number for buyers in Amazon.

  1. There is a group of Amazon staff that has specialized on various products and when you inform them about the mattress you bought, they will be at your home to pick it.

  1. It will take just 2 to 3 days for you to have your Amazon account refunded.


*please note that all our returned mattress are will not be directly sold at full price. They will be bulk purchased by Amazon and then Amazon sell them in their "clean sweep".