8 Inch Hybrid Natural Latex Independently Encased Coil Innerspring Mattress, Not Sagging and Sink

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This latex innerspring hybrid mattress is an affordable mattress we’ve designed specially for people who love spring mattresses. The grade 7 firmness of the spring coil layer and soft latex upper layer make it suitable for all age groups. Whether you like to sleep on your back, your stomach or your side, this mattress is for you. We use materials of the highest quality to make our mattresses. The mattress has a cashmere mattress cover and an outer layer made of Talalay latex. The inner spring layer is made with high-carbon steel wire. These materials are the best there is, so our profit margin for this model is less than 10%. Keep exploring for more details on Sunrising Bedding. CFR 1633 Test Report

Our return & refund policy and 20 year warranty get you 100% satisfied!

Still hesitant? Try our FREE sleep trial. We deliver you our mattress to you for a free trial for 20 days. You can pay only when you try our mattress and love it.

We Sacrifice Profit Only To Provide You With Best Quality And Best Price

Our 2 Mattress ModelsMemory Foam MattressLatex Innerspring Mattress
Firmness rating (10 firmest)5.57
Sleep cool rating (10 coolest)89
Bounce (10 most bouncy)7.59
Respond time (how long it takes for mattress to kick back)1.5s0.2s

The Super-Luxurious Cashmere Mattress Cover

Cashmere is the height of luxury and decadence. It is very soft to the touch and does a great job of temperature control.

Advanced Performance Talalay Latex

The premium cushion layer is made of high-quality Talalay latex which counters the firmness of the innerspring layer. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a mattress that has firmness, bounce and contouring. Talalay latex is 100% natural and good for both you and earth.

Sag-Free Independent Encased Coil

This innerspring layer is encased in the outer latex layer of the mattress. The spring coils are strong enough to hold up without sagging for 10 years. The coils are isolated from each other so that you and your partner won't wake each other when you move.

Cool And Comfortable, Our Latex Cushion Layer Is Everything You Want

natural latex

Under the mattress cover, there is a premium cushion layer made of high-quality Talalay latex. This grade-A latex comes from rubber plantations in Thailand and has many qualities that will enhance your sleep experience.

  • Comfortable but firm: The latex cushion layer and the innerspring coil layer combine to provide the best of both materials: the bounce and firmness of a spring mattress as well as the contouring and comfort of latex.Because it is manufactured using the best methods, Talalay latex has consistent density compared to Dunlop latex, so there's no risk of finding lumps in a Good Evenin' mattress.
  • Latex cradles the body and relieves pressure points: It works in concert with the spring coil layer that provides back support.The elasticity of the latex allows it to quickly adjust to the shape of the body as you change positions in your sleep.
  • Latex helps you to sleep cool: Because it is a natural material, latex has air pockets that help to conduct heat away from the body.
  • Good for the planet and good for you: To top it all, the latex is that it's 100% natural and as such, it is good for both you and the environment. It has antiseptic qualities that prevent germs, mites and other allergens from making a home in your mattress.

Quiet And Uninterrupted Sleep On Our Sag-Free Mattress

independent coils

The innerspring coil layer has been designed to help you get a good night's sleep.

  • No sagging: The spring coil layer is composed of coils made of high-carbon steel wire and are so strong that they won't sag or sink for 10 years.
  • Motion isolation: Every individual coil is wrapped in a non-woven fabric bag, so the coils act independent of each other and make zero noise. This is a useful feature that ensures that a person does not wake their partner when (s)he moves.

We Spare No Cost To Guarantee Your Comfort

Sunrising 8 inch innerspring latex hybrid mattress 1

There's so many good things about our cashmere cover:

  • Ultimate comfort: Cashmere is a luxury fabric that feels amazing to the touch. Even Merino wool doesn't come close.Cashmere comes from neck hair and belly hair of Himalayan goats that live 15000 feet above sea level. Himalayan goats are rare and the process of shearing them is manual. Both these factors make cashmere a rare and expensive fabric. It feels as good as it costs.
  • Sleep cool in summer, keep warm in winter: Cashmere is very fine (it is only 20% as thick as a human hair) and that's why it feels so good to the touch. The fine hairs make cashmere very breathable. The fabric does a very good job of drawing sweat and heat away from the body in summer. And in winter, its ability to keep warm is 7 times better than ordinary wool.
  • You're totally worth it: Cashmere is known as the preserve of the rich, but we at Sunrisingbed will offer you the cashmere experience at an affordable price.

Our Innerspring Mattress Vs Mainstream Retail Mattress Brands

Queen sizeSunrising mattressMainstream Retail Mattress Brands
Sleep trialTry it at home for 120 nights. No need to test the mattress in the company of pushy salespeople.Some retailers only let you try the mattress in the store, only for a few minutes. With sales staff using high-pressure sales tactics.
Return ProcessWe will refund your money and collect the mattress from your home.No fine print that will surprise you later. You won't have to lift a finger.Many stores hedge against losses by charging a restocking or return fee. The fee can run into hundreds of dollars.
Warranty20 years warranty.10 years warranty.
Reviews“Sunrising bed is the best priced value premium” - HonestmattressreviewsWhen buying in-store, information is not readily available.
Mattress CoverSuper Luxury Cashmere Cover:A high-end fabric, the luxury cashmere feels soft and gentle and stands out in temperature control.Typically come with a standard cover that does not dissipate bodyheat as you sleep

Our Mattress Fits On Most Frames

The mattress fits perfectly on the floor, on a box spring or on a flat/slatted frame

suits any foundation

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    his mattress is the least expensive mattress we’ve ever had. Ironically and amazingly, it’s also the BEST mattress we’ve ever had! I can now sleep on my left side without pain; it’s great in any sleeping position. My wife researched about different mattresses, mattress materials, production methods, and their pros and cons. We decided to stay with an innerspring mattress. And when she came across this bed, she knew immediately that this mattress was it because it’s expensively produced yet offered at such a remarkable price (for one thing, no middleman). However, she looked around for another month, just in case.

    We pulled the trigger in May 2017. We decided to add only a 2″ inch natural latex (rather than 3″) to save $100 since this mattress already has 1 inch of natural latex at the top. We bought a medium firm latex (thought it would last longer) instead of soft recommended for people with back problems and side sleepers, but it’s been perfect for me. For optimal comfort, it’s a good idea to splurge and top it with 2″ or 3″ *natural* latex – it’s still a great value. If a person prefers a softer mattress, the best thing to do is add SOFT natural latex, rather than buying a cheap (or costly) soft mattress with thin coils and a cheap manufacturing processes that might suit them only at first. Also, I think some people may have tried sleeping with the mattress upside down, which would be too hard.

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