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Mattress Warranty

Our warranty policy is easy to use. Usually, your new mattress will be delivered in a week. And we will help you to donate the old defected mattress next week, all at our own cost.

1st, If you find your mattress has a problem within 20 years, please contact us by customservice@sunrisingbedding.com. Please describe your problem and attach some pictures for the defected part.

2nd, We will offer you solutions to solve your problem. If the problems are caused by a manufacture defect, we will ship you a brand new mattress.

3nd, When the new mattress arrives, you don’t have to return the old defected mattress. Just offer your address and we will help you to find the nearest charity from you to pick up the mattress at your door step. If there are any expenses for the pick up, we will take the cost.


We're thankful for your interest in our product. It has, and will always be, our utmost aim to provide our customers with the best quality products and to compensate for any manufacturing defects at the earliest. Our mattresses are designed and crafted with commendable precision and mastery to ensure that we deliver to our customers the best quality products, and so you can enjoy a comfortable mattress experience. Despite of our efforts to bring you the best quality, sometimes the manufacturing procedure might swerve which might cause a noticeable decrease in quality. In such instances, we are very apologetic and ensure that any unsatisfactory product is either replaced, or the price refunded. We offer an impressive and satisfying 20 years of warranty which is bound to eliminate any performance issues from your experience. Following are the conditions and the criteria of what we consider as a violation of our quality standards and eligible for a refund or a replacement. Please read the following information very carefully in order to avoid any miscommunication and thus any inconvenience for you and for us in the future.

The warranty covers:

-Any manufacturer defect

The warranty does NOT cover:
-Damage to the mattress, including physical abuse, incorporating burns, tears, cuts, damage caused by a liquid, stains, and any other damage caused by the customer's actions.

-An increase in the softness of the foam, where the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress are not affected.-Unsatisfactory performance of any mattress (whether or not manufactured by Sunrising) sold by unauthorized re-sellers.

-A mattress sold with any phrases/descriptions implying that the mattress is not new. Examples of such phrases include; preconditioned, used, previously owned, returned, as-is.-Compensation for any non-defective components of a mattress containing multiple components. Only the defective components shall be compensated for.

-A subjective comfort preference, whereby the customer deems the comfort level of the mattress to be lower than the desired comfort level. This should be fairly logical.

The warranty is valid up to:-Twenty years after the purchase is made.
If your complaint adheres to the aforementioned criteria, you are entitled to:-A new mattress free of cost-Replacement of any defective components, in case of a multi-component mattress, free of cost

To make a complaint and apply for the replacement:-Write to us at our e-mail address and include a picture of your old Sunrising Bedding mattress being donated to a local charity in the body of the e-mail.