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Sunrising Bedding 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress, Firm, Bed in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, No Harmful Chemicals, 120 Night Trial, 20 Year Warranty


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What's Inside?

Less is more. We make the mattress simple. The mattress quickly adjusts itself to your body shape when you move. It relieves pressure points at the hips and shoulders, aligns the spine and provides support to the back. It's as close as you’ll have a feeling of sleeping on clouds.

7Luxury Firm
  • 1Too Soft
  • 5.5 – 7.5Just Right
  • 10Too Firm

12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Tencel Mattress Cover - The mattress cover designed with non-flip recharges your ultimate slumber, good for home bedroom or guest room furniture frame. It is easy to remove and wash, comfortable with the feeling that sleeping on the cloud.

3.5” Cool Gel Memory Foam - The 3.5” cool gel memory foam actively mold your body in response to heat and pressure, allowing the surface to evenly distribute body weight when occupied and return to its original shape once pressure is removed. Our gel memory foam works great on spin alignment, back pain relief,and neck,shoulder,back hip’s pressure points.

8.5” Supportive Foam - The 8.5" high density ultra-supportive base foam provides enhanced edge support, less tossing and turning, ideal for side, stomach and back sleepers.

Memory Foam Mattress In a Box

Green & Cooling Tencel Mattress Cover

Sunrising Bedding 12 inch memory foam mattress cover is made from premium TENCEL fibers derived from renewable eucalyptus wood cellulose. What makes TENCEL fibers so desirable, aside from being a natural and organic material, are the revolutionary properties that are unique to it. TENCEL is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton.

From Wood to Fiber
The cellulose, or ground pulp, used for TENCEL is dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent. The solution is filtered through fine holes to produce fiber and the excess solvent is recycled in a closed loop process that it can be done indefinitely without degradation of properties.

The fibers are then immersed into another diluted solution that sets the strands, which are then washed in a demineralized water. Once the water is evaporated, the strands are finished and untangled. This revolutionary process has received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union.

Memory Foam Mattress Queen

Product Specs

Dimensions & Weight

Twin Size:38" x 74" x 12"

Package Dimensions:15" x 16" x 40"


Full Size:53" x 74" x 12"

Package Dimensions:15" x 15" x 57"


Queen Size:60" x 80" x 12"

Package Dimensions:15" x 15" x 64"


King Size:76" x 80" x 12"

Package Dimensions:15" x 15" x 78"



CertiPUR-US Certification: All memory foams from Sunrising Bedding are CertiPUR-US certified. They has been tested to meet CertiPUR-US rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. Specifically, they are healthily made without formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates or ozone depleters.

16 CFR 1633 Certification: All Sunrising Bedding mattresses have an extra fireproof lining, which is made from high density fiber (no glass fiber or chemical fire retardant)

OeKo-Tex STANDARD 100 Certification: We are also proud to hold the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification for our mattresses. While our mattresses are not designed for babies or toddlers, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX: Class II certification, signifies that all parts of the product meet the OEKO-TEX requirements for articles that are worn close to the skin (underwear, bed linen, t-shirts, socks etc.).

Technologies inside

Our memory foam is made by adopting Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology. Unlike other ordinary foams, VPF foam is made in a closed chamber where temperature, pressure and moisture are easily controlled. That's why VPF technology produces foam with consistent density, which makes it performs better than ordinary foams. 7,000,000 open but mighty-connected micro cells is combined with the foam. Those cells keep their form through squeezing out and breathing in air as pressure from sleeper changes.

Shipping Information

The mattresses are compressed, rolled and packed into a bag/box shipping directly to your door. Estimated delivery time, 3-7 business days


20-year limited warranty.learn more

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A Perfect Mattress for All

Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, the mattress will work for you. The memory foam mattress adjusts quickly when you change sleeping positions.

Most Comfortable Mattress

Our Mattress Fits On Any Frame

It fits perfectly on the floor, on an adjustable base, on a box spring or on a flat/slatted frame

Best Mattress For Back Pain

20 year warranty

20 year warranty

Your mattress is covered

120 night trial

120 night trial

Start the trial period now

free dilivery

free dilivery

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free returns

free returns

Love it or your money back

gel memory foam mattress in a box

This Mattress Is Perfect for You If...

If your partner and you need different levels of firmness in a mattress. This mattress splits the difference between extra firm and extra soft

If you or your partner tosses and turns. The motion isolation of the mattress makes sure that one person's movement won't wake up the other one

If you hate sleeping hot

Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, the mattress will work for you. The low response time of the memory foam means the mattress adjusts quickly when you change your sleeping postures.

So no matter what positions you like to sleep, the mattress will provide support while relieving pressure points all the time.

King Memory Foam Mattress
12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen
King Size Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress King Size

Reviews and Question From Amazon Buyers
90% 4-5 Star Amazon Rating 4.3

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13 reviews for Sunrising Bedding 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress, Firm, Bed in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, No Harmful Chemicals, 120 Night Trial, 20 Year Warranty

    Verified Buyer
    Look no further for the best night's sleep you ever had!

    There is something awesome I must share with youI’m not an enthusiast of writing reviews of whatever product or service I get but this time round, there is something awesome I must share with you. It’s now a couple of months since an old campus friend of mine recommended a mattress that I had never used before. She knew me as someone who loved to relax on the bed during my free times hence the need for a “paradise” upon my body. What I would like to share with you is the ultimate experience am having with it. Unlike ordinary ones I used before that never meet my needs; this Sunrising Bedding U… see moreltimate Comfort 12 Inch Memory Foam is different. Why?Perfect BounceAs I stated above, am a person who loves to spend my free time in the bed to kick away that stress. Sometime it could get boring in the past because what I was sleeping on wasn’t gentle on my body. It could easily get me on the floor due to its forceful bouncing back characteristics. After purchasing this one, it’s like sleeping on a surface that understands that your body needs to be handled like an egg. It bounces so softly that you will love to stay there all day and night long since all undesired shocks are negligible. The other thing to mention about the bouncing aspect of this mattress is that it doesn’t affect the entire surface. It will just be upon you and the person sleeping next to you won’t be disturbed.You Can Turn As Many Times as You WantHave you ever experienced a situation whereby you have to look for that specific sleeping position for you to be comfortable? Well, you must have and it can be worse when you are having a partner. With this foam, that should be a thing of the past because am comfortable no matter which position I choose to sleep on. The appearance of my partner on the same bed does hinder nothing because we can always turn to any angle with maximum comfort in place.My Health My ChoiceManufacturers of most mattresses are known to use different materials in its design and some of them may not be good for your health. I mind a lot about my health and this doesn’t just stop on my diet but also other stuff that I’m using and this isn’t an exemption. When I buy any product, I will make sure that it has been approved and the good thing is that this one is for me. This foam is CertiPUR-US Certified meaning that am free from toxins that can cause allergies. Heavy metals are not found in this foam after being certified hence am less susceptible to life threatening diseases like cancer.Do you want to sleep as cool as me? This gentle foam that gives your body a tender touch is there for you. I have tried the Sunrising Bedding Ultimate Comfort 12 Inch Memory Foam and I can actually attest that it’s the best deal for everyone. That’s from me to you!

    Verified Buyer
    One of the best and most affordable memory foam mattresses

    One of the most important things in life is a good night’s sleep. Mattress choices are becoming increasingly more important. I took a shot on this memory foam mattress and I’m glad I did.Great FeaturesThis mattress is 12 inches thick (see pic) and has over 3-inches of memory foam on the top, which really attracted me to it. I wanted to go for a mattress with a thick layer of foam. When I sleep on this, my body slowly sinks into the mattress. And that makes me feel that I am being hugged. Still firm enough for support.I have a bulging disc on one side of my lower back. I would wake up hurting w… see moreith my old mattress. But since I got this memory foam, the pain in the back is gradually vanishing. This mattress claimed that it gives a great lumbar support equally to all areas of the body. And to my surprise, it does work well. So when I sleep straight on my back, I feel the pressure is equally distributed.I have a habit of changing position from left to right and sometimes I change to sleep on my belly. Older mattresses move a lot when you move in the? night. With this one, no matter how much I move, my wife does not feel a thing. It is like we are sleeping on two separate mattresses and there is no connection between the two halves of the mattress, Now we both have a good and uninterrupted sleep.Feels CoolThis mattress is cool and it does not get warm even after long hours of sleep. I have noticed it is super cool even on a hot day. One thing that is great about this foam mattress is it quickly retains its shape the moment I get up or move my position. I tried some other foam mattresses at some mattress stores and compared what I experienced there, and I am really surprised to see how quickly the foam rebounds to its original shape. The others I tried took about ten seconds to come back. I don’t if it is because of the quality of foam used but I feel good about it.One thing I hate about mattresses is the chemical smell, maybe due to packaging. That smell stays on the mattress for many days before it wears off. That is what I experienced in my earlier mattresses and thought I’d deal with the same annoying thing again. But to my surprise, when this mattress arrived and removed the packaging, there was no smell at all. Later I checked and found there are no chemicals used in the making and it gave me a sigh of relief.My old mattress became sluggish towards the edges and looked like there was no life in there. This mattress claims to have a firmer edge and it does not become sluggish after a few months atleast. I definitely feel it is very comfortable towards the edges. So whenever I sleep near the edge or sit on it, I do not find any discomfort.

    Verified Buyer
    Nothing Is More Important Than A Good Night's Rest

    UPDATE:? It has been one month and I can’t say enough good things about this mattress.? It is so firm and comfortable.? So much so that I sleep really well and actually look forward to going to bed.? I’ve been heading to sleep an hour or so earlier and getting up an hour early.? I no longer have any minor aches in my lower back.? This mattress really is a keeper.The box arrived at approximately 14″ X 14″ X 5′ and was very heavy.? I’m a strong guy and it took me some effort to slide it up the stairs to unpack.? Once in the bedroom, I cut open and removed the cardboard box finding the mattress t… see moreightly compressed and enclosed in a thin plastic wrapper and a thicker outside plastic wrapper.? Once these were quickly, carefully removed with scissors, the mattress magically decompressed and started to rise with a slight hiss.? It was very cool to watch.? There was a very slight plastic smell, so I let it sit for a few hours.? Some have recommended that you wait 48 hours for the mattress to fully inflate, but I didn’t need to wait.? I did not use a box frame.? The mattress is 12" thick.Once it was on my bed, I took my first night’s test sleep.? The mattress definitely has a different feel to it.? It’s soft and cushiony yet firm.? If you sit on the edge it does compress a bit, but no more than any other mattress.? It springs right back into shape.? Sleeping felt different but nice.? My elbows, buttocks and knees fit comfortably into the mattress and my entire body felt evenly supported.? I did not feel the need to move around like I normally do.? Even though I tested the mattress by rolling around and stretching out, I ended up sleeping like I normally do.? I had a great night’s sleep and was not sore or tired in the morning.? Subsequent nights have been the same.I have always had normal spring mattresses, but this memory foam is a nice surprise and well worth the money.? I feel this will last many years.? I am not sure why it’s called memory foam, but it retains its shape and firmness.? Definitely a great product and nothing is more important to me than a good night’s rest.

    Verified Buyer
    Mattress is good

    It’s only a week since I bought this mattress and I am more pleased to review it since I also relied on other buyers comments and reviews before making the purchase.BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER OWNED!Let me just start by saying that before buying this mattress, I had some serious back problems that made sleeping uncomfortably even on a spring mattress. Since I didn’t really want to spend more than $1,000 on a mattress, I was very tempted to buy thisone considering it’s a great bargain.Since this was my first experience with a non-spring mattress, I was a bit reluctant on whether I would love it. … see moreI thought it was risky buying a mattress online since this would mean it will be shipped without me testing it first. I was even worried how i would ship it back if i didn’t love it.When my mattress arrived, I was proved wrong because it looked too good to be true. It came with a tall box but it wasn’t something to worry about even though am a young woman, since I had someone to help me carry it upstairs.When I removed it from the package, I experience a little bit of smell from the off gassing. However, it only lasted for a while before dissipating quickly and was unable to prevent me from sleeping on it. If you are patient, unlike me, I would recommend using it without any linen for a few days before sleeping on it.It starts off a little bit firmer but gets softer with time as sleeping gets better. It’s just one week and falling asleep doesn’t even take time unlike before. Since I am someone who changes positions constantly when sleeping, this mattress fits me like a glove in every single position. I no longer wake up with numb legs or arms like I used to.Overall, I love this mattress and have benefited a lot from it and that’s why I feel obliged to write this review. I have been using a Tempur-Pedic and was only unable to buy it because of its high price. However, this has turned out to be luck for me as I have found great value in this mattress at an even lower price.

    Verified Buyer
    This Mattress has been a perfect sleeping partner" When do you know that you have

    My search ends here. This Mattress has been a perfect sleeping partner”When do you know that you have the best of something? There is always a hope of finding something better than what you already have. For me, it is easy to say that I have the best of what I have been looking for. My search ends here. Yes, you heard it, I finally have the ideal mattress in my bedroom. The Sunrising Bedding 12-inch memory foam Mattress has been a perfect sleeping partner ever since I’ve owned it.It comes roll-packed in a tall cardboard box that is not only neatly packed but easy to maneuver as well. You’d ima… see moregine the foam to lose its quality and longevity since it comes compressed. But unpack it and voila! There are 12 inches of pure comfort and a good night’s sleep. The mattress has 3.5 inches of Bio-Air memory foam on the top and 8.5 inches of high-density kick-back foam at the bottom. This particular division in layers helps in easy movement owing to its quick bounce back quality and it also eliminates any motion transfer which is truly a blessing in disguise for my partner.When you first lay on it, it is soft and giving but not too soft, which is just perfect for when I sleep on my back. The not too hard and not too soft combination makes it perfect for someone like me who sleeps in all 3 positions. After just a few weeks of sleeping on this mattress, I feel great in terms of the constant pain in my back and shoulder. My back feels well supported when I sleep on my back, and my hips and shoulders are so relaxed when I sleep on my side.In terms of comfort, the foam conforms to the shape of the body and it is like a calm and gentle hug. This not only helps in relieving stress but also in relaxing the body, thereby giving a perfect sound sleep. It feels like a supported sleep at all times. The foam definitely is the game-changer. Most of the mattresses that I have used in the past started sagging and developing impressions which used to cause immense back pains.

    Verified Buyer
    A sound sleep is the most important to me

    For every people sleeping well is mandatory and without sound sleep life become hell to the people. There is a widely read story about sound sleep of a poor man who is happier than the wealthy king.Recently I faced terrible depression and heath problem and go to the doctor for suggestions. He listened all my problem carefully and asked me about my sleeping condition. How much time I expend for sleeping and is it sound or not??? Then I told that, due to health and mental problem,I haven’t enjoyed my sleep well and due to sleepless night, I am suffering with different heath problem. Then he sugg… see moreested to find out a comfortable zone that must be arranged with all the amenities which make me happy I decided to redecorate my bedroom with colorful and modern decorated furniture’s. Then the idea came to me about changing my bed and consult with friend about the modern bedding system. He has explained about different modern bedding system which are getting popularity day by day. He asked me about the mattress which I am using to my bedroom. Then I told him about my mattress and then he suggests me to use “Sunrising Bedding 12-inch Mattress”.Then I take my laptop and searching the different features of mattresses. My main concern is amount the quality of it and the reasonable price which can be affordable by me. Then from Amazon I checked all the features of the different product and prices comparison. Besides I checked the different photographs of the product. Then I decided to purchase the product and ordered it to Amazon, they delivered the product timely and I started to use that mattress.Now, sound sleep is not my dream, it is the reality of my life. Like the theme of the product my sleep is on the cloud and lay down on the feathers of smooth white cloud in the sky. Since my using experience I will share some key features of the particular product.

    Verified Buyer
    Better than the rest...and better rest, too!

    I have purchased six different memory foam mattresses online during the past several years and this one is the best. It is comfortable and supportive of my back and neck. I’ve had serious injuries and used to wake up with numb hands or leg cramps. Not on this mattress. I bought one for me and liked it so much I bought another one for my cousin who has had back surgery – she loves the mattress. I don’t wake up as often as I used to because I don’t have to keep turning over to prevent hip pain. My hips feel fine on this mattress.
    I bought a mattress from Zinus years ago and loved the feel but it… see more made me sneeze. Then I learned that the inner cover had a lot of fiberglas (they list is on the label as glass fiber so it may not show up on searches) which was most likely the issues. I was exposed to asbestos years ago on a job site and had a horrible reaction. I bought an Awara mattress but it was way too bouncy for me, way too expensive and it didn’t inflate properly.
    I have had my Sunrising mattress for three months now and it still feels brand new. I would definitely purchase this one again and I highly recommend it. At first, I thought it might be too soft because I sink in a bit, but it’s like floating on water – supportive but soft. It moves with me and it has a very fast resilience. If I get up for a few seconds, there is no indentation, unlike a lot of memory foam mattresses.

    Verified Buyer
    Healthy, unbelievable firmness and an outstanding value. My cheapest and favorite mattress to date.

    It’s only been a few days, but so far this mattress is quite comfortable and firm. I like it far better than the Luxi mattress that I returned due to discomfort and the quality of material and workmanship seems to be superior to the Luxi as well as the Luxi had unevenly cut pieces of foam. Consistent with its certification of purity, this mattress also had almost no unpleasant chemical odor when I unwrapped it.This is a mattress for someone who is tired of overpriced marshmallows and likes a truly firm mattress. I’d say that this mattress is at least a 7/10 in terms of firmness. You won’t beli… see moreeve how firm this mattress is without being too hard. That said, it will likely be uncomfortable for side sleepers but excellent for back sleepers and extracurricular bedroom activities. I have occasionally tried to sleep on my side throughout my life, but have realized that this has historically resulted in rolling over and morning pain across all mattresses. However, old habits die hard, and I have found myself trying to find a comfortable side-sleeping position on this bed to no avail. Just don’t do it.Overall, this mattress is truly great and makes my $1,000 Luxi look like, well, something that should cost way less than $1,000. Save money and improve your sleep- you owe it to yourself to try this mattress.

    Verified Buyer
    Great mattress, good quality for the price

    So I’ve slept on this mattress for about a week now, and I can say I’m really happy with it for the price. I had a nicer foam bed that I spent double the price of this one that I think the foam quality was a little nicer on than this one, but I love that this mattress is non toxic.
    I got the firm rated one, and it is just a smidge softer than my previous mattress which was in the mid firm range. But I think that is to be expected at this price. I’m not expecting this to hold up for several years, but if I can get a couple out of it then the purchase was worth it. I’m 5’11” and 165 … see morelbs and a stomach sleeper. The mattress is great for me but I do wish it was maybe a bit more firm.

    -no weird mattress/chemical smell out of the box
    -bed expanded and I slept on it the same night (10-12 hours of expansion)
    -nice cover included
    -good packaging upon shipping, it came double plastic wrapped inside of 2 individual duffel type bags -which you can reuse as they are huge.
    -have had really great sleep after only a week so far
    -not as good of motion transfer as some higher quality foam, but if you sleep with a partner I really don’t think they will notice if you move too much, again, it’s not an $800-1200 bed, but for the price I would buy again.

    Verified Buyer
    Incredibly comfy mattress! Worth every penny!

    Incredibly comfy mattress – It arrived in great shape and wasn’t too bulky or heavy for one person to deal with. I tested the mattress after giving it time (a few hours) to plump itself naturally to its 12 inch height (it arrived vacuumed- sealed to allow for more compact packaging). I also left it fully open for a few days in the room so that any slight odor (which I read might appear and would gradually dissipate) would be gone by the time I wanted to test it for comfort and support. I never noticed any any odor, (and I am very sensitive and allergic to many scents) . I tested it out on the … see morefloor and it was very supportive and I should mention I weigh 220 pounds! First of all let me just say it is super comfortable with the memory foam top layer, I was intending to originally make my own from Raw materials but I could not have done as good a job making it comfortable. I am so glad I found this mattress it was perfect for my needs. I would not hesitate to order another one for use in my guest room, it is a very well-made product that is super comfortable, portable and stores in a small space and the price was certainly worth every penny!

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  1. Sunrising bedding is high density fiber fireproof lining without adding chemical flame retardants and through Texas 1633 CFR certification, each mattress of sunrising bedding collocates ?law label . The high density fibers are also used in body armor lining.
  2. Hi, Generally speaking, our mattress suits any bed frame or bed base as long as their size can match. In the two options that you offer, we personally recommend the platform bed with slates, which is heavier to keep your bed stable. But as you have noticed, smartbase is a better choice for tight budget and suitable for people who usually move beds around. You can get one of them according to your own needs.
  3. Yes, it fit well with adjustable base.
  4. It's very okay. The mattress will not be affected a bit even after you leave it in the box for 6 month! We've tested it for you!