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Reviewed on Oct 24, 2022

No chemical odor!

I researched beds for a while before I decided to pick this one. The twin 12-in natural latex and gel infused memory foam, medium firm. We love it! An amazing price for what it is. I picked this one because it has a latex topper added to its layers which I feel will make it last a lot longer and you won't feel like in 2 years you're sinking into your bed. I got it for my son who is 11. It had no chemical smell and no toxic materials used. I know they promo nectar as safe because it's made in the USA but from my research they use fiberglass in their memory foam mattresses. Plus I prefer to have some latex with my mattress. I would do all latex if I could but it's super expensive. This one(sunrise) that is manufactured in China and built in the USA seems to be much safer. It obviously has chemicals it uses but they are non-toxic. I can tell you I am super sensitive to odors and this mattress did not bother me at all!! The mattress came in a bag and was easy to transport upstairs. We pulled it out of the bag and threw it on the platform bed (make sure it's not upside down) and carefully cut the plastic open with scissors not a box cutter. It expanded to 12 in. overnight and has a nice firmness for memory foam. I don't like mattresses that you sink down into but I also do not like too hard of a mattress where it hurts in the morning when you wake up from the pressure. It is definitely not to hard. My son loves it. I cannot attest to how comfortable it is to sleep in but I will tell you my 11-year-old is really sensitive and is a a really good gauge for this. He is 65 lb. 4'5"He does say it sleeps a little bit cooler than his old mattress. I think giving him better quality sheets will help make it sleep even cooler. Plus I have a waterproof protector on which isn't breathable like some are. Without that it would probably sleep really cool. They also have excellent customer service! Very quick to respond and take care of any problems or concerns. I have pictures along with a video of the mattress so you can see how soft to firm it is.