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Get Rid Of Bedbugs Now! A Call To Slaughter – Cruel But Effective

slaughterLooking for effective treatment for bed bugs? Discover the detailed list of methods used to remove them from your home for good. Short on time? Check the following infographic or jump on down to the best bed bug treatment1, Bed bugs on bed2, Bed bugs in closet3, Bed bugs in couch4, Bed bugs in walls and floorsbug

The war on bedbugs

By the mid 20th century, humans had won the war against bedbugs.Our defeated foe then lay low for 50 years before resurfacing with one goal:Revenge.

Those little insects are now everywhere!They can be found in the home, in the garbage on the sidewalk or even in offices.What's worse, bedbugs are savvy travelers.In their quest establish a global presence, they travel to far off lands on trains, cars, ships and airplanes.Back in the home, bedbugs wait until we fall asleep to start feeding on our blood.Their bites leave red bumps on our skin which can be dangerous for people with allergies.After their blood meal, bedbugs excrete rust-colored waste onto the mattress and the resulting stains are unsightly and really hard to remove.

For the most part, bedbugs don't cause health problems.But that doesn't mean that we should tolerate them in our beds, or anywhere else for that matter.marinesHow cool would it be if we could shrink to bug size like Ant Man! We could slay the pesky bugs with C14 rifles! Just like the marines that fight Infestors in Starcraft. Obviously, Starcraft only lets us vent our hatred of bedbugs. In the real world though, we can launch a savage attack that ends the reign of bedbugs in our homes. When it comes to bedbugs, there can only be one course of action. War! Warrior of the Terran! Harden your heart, get your hands dirty and bring slaughter to the swarms of Zerg! What I mean to say is, people, let's kick some bedbug ass! We should make them rue the day they decided to cross us.

The strategies discussed below should be effective treatment for bed bugs.

1. Lay siege and starve out the bugs in the bed

layAs their name suggests, bedbugs like to live in beds. In fact, 95% of all bedbugs are found in beds since that's where the humans that they feed on sleep. To eradicate the bugs, we can seal them inside the mattress and starve them. Before that, we should wash our sheets, pillows and quilt with hot water. Normally, the bedbugs die at 122ºF/50ºC Next, wrap the bed foundation in a specialized, airtight cover. Then move the bed off the wall and put bedbug traps under each of the four legs of the bed. The bedbugs will be left with no means of escape. Finally, cover the mattress with two mattress protectors to seal bed bugs inside. The rest is a waiting game because bedbugs can survive for up to 400 days without feeding. During the first 18 months, you should only wash the outer mattress protector. After it dries, put it back onto the mattress.

2. Bake and suffocate the bedbugs out of your closet

The second front of our war against bedbugs is our closet. Seal the affected clothes in black plastic bags and leave them in the scorching sun. Then the inside of the bag will become very hot and the extreme heat should kill the bedbugs. Any bugs that survive the heat inside the black bags now qualify for some chemical weaponry. By which we mean tea tree oil, which penetrates the bugs' bodies and suffocates them. Remove the clothes from the black bags and wash them in water that has three or four drops of tea tree oil in it. Vacuum all seams and gaps of the closet. Finally, place bedbug traps under the legs of the closet.

3. Liberate the couch by steaming and poisoning the bedbugs

The couch is too large to fit in the washing machine, so how do we clean it? Invest in a steam cleaner! Steam cleaners are available in hardware stores and department stores. The investment will be worth your while since steam cleaners have plenty of uses in the home. There's a cheaper DIY alternative to buying a steam cleaner. You can modify your electric kettle by attaching a long, flexible tube to its spout.The tubes are readily available at your local hardware store. Then free the sofa. Spray steam into all the seams, corners, nooks and crannies of the sofa.


Make sure to do a very thorough job. The high temperature of the steam should kill both the bedbugs and their eggs. The initial assault should be followed with a mop-up operation. For this, we spray the sofa with organic bedbug spray to kill any bedbugs that may have survived the steam. The bio-green spray is good to us but deadly poisonous to them. To prevent bedbugs from reclaiming the sofa, place bedbug traps under the sofa's legs and move it away from the wall.

4. Cleanse the walls and floors by making bedbugs bleed and dehydrated

Bedbugs are little eight legged vampires, and it's time they got a taste of their own medicine. They like to make us bleed, so we should return the favor. It's the polite thing to do. How, you ask? With diatomaceous earth (DE) of course. DE is a rock that is made up of silicon and fossilized remains of marine algae. This soft rock is crushed into a fine powder that humans can safely eat. But for bugs, the powder is death itself. The fossilized algae in the DE damages the bedbug's waxy exoskeleton causing the bug to lose precious moisture. Besides, the silicon in DE is like glass shards to the bedbug. The 'glass shards' find their way past the bedbugs' armor/exoskeleton and cut up the bugs' soft insides. diatomaceoussilica  Get a hold of DE powder and sprinkle it in the seams, cracks and dark corners of your house. The powder will sentence the bedbugs to death by a thousand cuts. As for the bedbugs that dare to live on our floors and carpets, crush some silica gel and sprinkle it along the edges of the carpet.The silica gel will stick to the bedbugs and absorb all their moisture. Unlike DE, silica gel needs to be handled with care and should never be inhaled.

The war continues

Once dormant bedbugs have now become a worldwide problem. They terrorize individual homes, whole neighborhoods and even entire cities. To win the war against bedbugs, we must be patient and we must be realistic. We have to accept that a single treatment is rarely enough to completely remove bedbugs from our homes. It may take two or three of them to get rid of bed bugs for good. bugIs there an easier way?
Yes. Get a recommendation from a trusted source for a local pest control service. You should be prepared to fork over a sizable chunk of cash; the bed bug treatment cost is between $1,500 and $2,000 
Is there another easier way that is also money-saving?
Yes. Burn your house down to the ground. Just kidding. Seriously, just kidding. But it probably won't come to that because the methods listed in this post are effective. In any case, you've already had the bad luck of hosting bedbugs so the universe will let you keep your money.