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Reviewed on Oct 11, 2021
Almost perfect excellent choice with Latex cooler sleep.

So,Did a ton of research on this and others but it was one review back a year or so that made my decision. Compare the weight of this to others. Much heavier. Translated into better coils and denser latex and foam. Better support.I'm not sure on cloud feel compared to tempurpedic but not horrible.I'm 6'3"and around 290 last weigh in. I was having hip pain issues at time of purchase. Side sleeper. It gave me 95% relief but couldn't shake pain till I finally went to chiropractor who fixed it. So no more pain in that hip.No real pain when waking up in shoulders or neck. Been using 60 days plus now.I wish they made a 12"with thicker latex top layer then I think the"cloud feel"would be closer to reality for me.Now, someone lighter as tall or shorter might get this as a little firmer but my size and manufacture description I say medium firm.Cover is nice feel.My negative on buld is I can feel coils through the side. No layer/buffer to protect but do not see issue long term just observation. No issues sitting on side of bed. I think some companies put foam around the sides that shields the coils.I would like to thank that earlier reviewer for the weight observation. Better quality as I also just bought the Lucid twin XL latex 10". It was much lighter, easier to take up stairs and feelsbelow medium firm. It still not expanded to 10"4 days later. Have not slept on it yet but I'm upset it's not fully expanded. I couldn't even find the coils on the Lucid. I'll review Lucid in a few weeksbut initially, my take is great for kids! Latex, cool to touch.Latex. This is the way to go IMHO. Stays cool holds shape. Exactly what you want or what I wanted.Conclusion.So, these 2 will be going to grandkids as I come to finalize either split king or regular king and adjustable frame.I really do enjoy this mattress, good price, and believe it's a top choice.Also, they have a trial period. Very generous. The Lucid latex 10"not so. Maybe 12"would be better.I would recommend this mattress for a side or back sleeper. Comes in a nifty bag to carry up the stairs. We'll made vs. Competition in same latex type beds. Nice cover. So far holding shape.