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Reviewed on Oct 28, 2017

Buy it - My choice after months of investigating

This replaces my $2,000 tube type waterbed. In this review I cover how it sleeps and why I bought it. I include details about this type and other types of mattresses available. I hope the time and information I learned will save you from the months I spent deciding which mattress is the best choice and at the best price.This is a pocket coil design with a topper of latex foam. I believe it is the best of all your choices (waterbed, foam and standard innerspring).If you are like me, you want the best sleep possible. Once that is settled, you want the best price you can get. My Sunrising pocket coil mattress is the result of my searching. If you want all the details, read on. If you want the"quick and dirty,"just buy it. You will be a happy puppy and thank me.The bottom line is revealed by its weight. it weighs more than its competition because it has more and better springs than the rest. If that has you wondering, read my review.I took a bunch of pictures but my camera broke. If pictures are important, there are many in other reviews. Mine are about the same.ABOUT FIRMNESSThe reviews all give different opinions about firmness. After two weeks with it, I think the reason is because of its “pocket coil” design. Let me explain. The individual springs yield to the different parts of our body much better than other mattresses.In this design, the springs compress individually. The heavier parts of our body yield more, while still giving support to the smaller parts like our legs, waist and head. If this makes sense, you can see the result is a feeling of firmness, yet a subtle feeling of softness. I think that may explain the differing opinions. Also, the movements of your wife or husband, never bother you.Oh, one other thing about firmness. I learned it from our firm Beautyrest mattress. The Beautyrest replaced another soft waterbed so the transition was radical. We were advised to give it a month before making a decision. After two weeks we loved it. It will be the same with the Sunrising.Some will say it is not that firm while others feel it is quite firm. I hope this explains the differing opinions. That is about all I can say about firmness except I consider it to be on the firm side.NOW ABOUT COMFORTThe first night was fine; no odors and no discomfort. My nose is not the sensitive instrument my wife possesses. It passed her smell test, so it passes anything.Just like firmness is subjective, so is comfort. What I do is compare it to two of the other mattresses I’ve owned. The Sunrising replaced a $2,000 tube type waterbed. The other is my Beautyrest standard innerspring, firm.My rating is the Sunrising (one); the Beautyrest (two) and the waterbed (three).Now to explain my ranking.I have unusual body demands. I have two artificial hips, a minor, chronic back problem and my body temp rises when sleeping (so I sweat). My opinion is that the Sunrising will present no problems with normal folks or people with unusual problems.Ok – that was stage one. What is our experience after two weeks My wife and I differ but we are both happy with our new bed. She says she slides around in this bed. She would sink into the waterbed and not move. She like that feature of the waterbed.I do not slide around but do not have the problem of being trapped as with the waterbed. I hated the waterbed for the same reason my wife liked it.Go figure.As far as our overall opinion goes, we both like this much better than the waterbed. We never were happy with it.After years of sleeping on three different types of waterbeds, I concluded waterbeds are a fabrication of marketing people. It seems to make sense that sleeping on water has got to be wonderful. They forget to mention there is a thick sheet of plastic between you and the water. That changes everything – at least in my opinion.The difference between the Beautyrest and the Sunrising is their construction. The springs in the Beautyrest are all linked together. The mattress yields to your body but it does it as a unit. Lay on it and the surface “dishes.” The firmer the mattress, the flatter the dish.The Sunrising springs are independent from each other. Thus each spring yields to your body in a unique way. (No dish) This allows your body to be better supported and conform to your unique body. It does not matter whether you sleep on you side back or stomach. The individual springs adjust to every sleeping position.I felt the Sunrising softened somewhat during the first week. That was a good thing. But again my wife responded differently. Still the bottom line is the same, we both like the mattress.Two other comments are the Sunrising offers no extra support on the edge. It concerned me but you can see from the picture (sorry there is no picture) of me sitting on the edge that support is acceptable. I have shrunk to 67 inches during the last 80 years and now weigh about 170 lbs.ABOUT CONSTRUCTIONOur queen has 825 individual springs, making each spring smaller than many other similar mattresses.Increasing the number of springs, increases the flexibility and the weight of the mattress. Check the weight of the Sunrising against the competition. You will see it weighs more, indicating the better qualitySunrising added a one inch pad of latex to the top of the mattress. Its advantage is latex’s ability to sleep cool. I appreciate this as my body temperature rises when I sleep so I usually wake all sweaty. Too often we must change sheets because of it. With the Sunrising, I never have a sweat problem. Hallelujah.Answers to questions not askedThe Sunrising mattress is reversible except for the fact that the latex is only on one side. I do not see a big problem with giving up the latex when you flip the mattress. If you miss its benefits, just buy a latex topper. Sunrising chose latex instead memory foam. It indicates their commitment to a high quality standard by not “cheaping out.”Their quality is reflected in another point, often missed when buying a spring mattress. Their springs are 12 gauge, tempered steel. It means they never wear out. Springs made of regular steel eventually lose their “memory,” resulting in sagging.O urqueen weighs 81lb and ships at almost 90 pounds. That’s more than the other pocket coil’s.WEIGHT translates to quality. You can fool the buyer but not the scales. It was one of my questions, when trying to determine quality. It is very easy to move around and flip, if that is a concern.I am retired so am a careful buyer when it comes to major purchases. I wanted to know more about the company and their guarantee. I searched them out on the “Net” and discovered a few things that might interest you.It appears they are selling factory direct and a small company trying to develop a marketing niche. My guess is that once they become better known for quality they might increase their prices. Right now is a good time to buy one of the best mattresses available at any price.You can probably tell that the pocket coil design is the most expensive to manufacture. When first introduced, they were the most expensive mattresses available.You can buy a pocket coil “name brand” mattress but your cost will be double or triple what the Sunrising Bedding pocket coil sells for.I'm done. Hope this answered all your questions.if you have more, just buy the bed and see for yourself. It comes with a 120 day money back guarantee, So if unhappy for ANY reason, tell Amazon to pick it up. There is no hassle, no cost and it is gone.But if you buy something else in place of it, I bet you will be sorry.