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Reviewed on Jan 02, 2022

It's actually FIRM!

I didn't think a foam mattress could actually be this firm. It's somehow reached that magical point where it's rock hard - yet soft enough to be comfortable Pure magic. It conforms to hips and shoulders quite nicely. I bought this for my teenage daughter who sometimes prefers the floor to her usual bed. Since I've suffered back pain for the last few months in my"soft"mattress, I thought to give this a go for the first time last night. I woke up with NO back pain. A little stiffness from tossing and turning - my pillow hurts my ears so I have to flip often - but the muscular pain that usually wracks my lower back is gone.As far as receiving and airing - it's a very heavy box, you'll need two people to lift it. Unwrapping was easy - just slice it free from the vacuum package and it slowly inflates. With help, I set it on the bed frame and left it there in the small room for a day or two to inflate. It did so without issue. There was no smell - I have a sensitive nose and this didn't bother. The corners didn't inflate all the way for some days - by which time we had sheets and whatnot on it. But it eventually puffed up and filled out the cover it comes zipped in.It's nearly flush with the corner posts at the foot of the bed - maybe an inch or two shorter. No box spring needed. Even if I stand on the mattress, my feet don't go through it enough to feel the bars below. Over all, if you're looking for a firm mattress that doesn't kill, this is a great buy. I'm pleased.