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  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size
  • Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size

Sunrising Bedding 2 inch Gel Mattress Topper Full Size



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Why Choose a

Thinking about adding softness to a hard mattress?

Or revamping your old mattress thatt lost support?

Sunring Bedding is here to offer you an affordable solution!

1.Removable & Washable Tencel Cover

soft touch & moisture absorbing

2.Breathable inner Cover

extra airflow

3.Gel Infused Air Memory Foam

ultimate coolness & promising durability



Infused cooling gel, together with breathable inner cover and moisture absorbing Tencel Cover Optimizes the airflow and heat regulation throughout the night. The ventilated desing provide triple escort to make sure your uninterrupted rest.

adjustable straps

non-slip mesh

Four Adjustable bands around the mattress and a non-slip mesh layer ensure a snug fit and keep the topper in place during and after sleep.

soft toush &

AAA Anti-Pilling

Zippered Cover is Removable and machine washable for easier care.

Memory Foam Relives Pressure & Pain and Isolates Motion

Gel Infusion Regulates Temperature and Secure A Cool Night

Skin-friendly Tencel Cover Adds Extra Plushness to Sleep

Dual Non-slip Design Prevents Sliding

Mattress Topper Dimensions+×

Twin Size:39"x 75"x 2''
Package Dimensions:11"x 11"x 22"

Twin XL:39"x 80"x 2''
Package Dimensions:11"x 11"x 22"

Full Size:54 x 75"x 2''
Package Dimensions:13"x 13"x 22"

Queen Size:60"x 80"x 2''
Package Dimensions:13"x 13"x 22"

King Size:76"x 80"x 2''
Package Dimensions:14"x 14"x 27"
Weight:29.3 lbs

Cal King:72"x 84"x 2''
Package Dimensions:14"x 14"x 27"
Weight:28.4 lbs

King Memory Foam Mattress
12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen
King Size Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress King Size


Is the foam inside the topper certified?

Yes, the foams are CertiPUR-US certified meaning they are made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other harmful chemicals.

How do I clean a mattress topper?

Spot clean as needed, preferably with a mild, organic cleaning solution.Please remember, only topper cover can be washed. If the foam inside treated in the same way, it will be ruined.

What are benefits of Sunrising Bedding Toppers?

Gel-infused memory foam mattress toppers from Sunrising Bedding are designed to reduce more pressure and better regulate temperature than traditional memory foam. Gel foam also has a longer comfort life and better durability, making a great investment in your sleep with a gel-infused memory foam mattress from Sunrising Bedding.

Why Should You Buy A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

•It will instantly soften an old and hard mattress without the need to replace the costly mattress.
•It can cure your back pain, and you will get up every morning refreshed and without constant body aches.
•Buying a mattress topper is cheaper than replacing the mattress.
•They are available for all bed types out there.
•Memory foam toppers are very low maintenance and only have to vacuum them a few times in a year.
•Toppers accommodate the needs of people with different sleeping positions.

Verified Buyer
Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Oct 14, 2022
Game changer!

We put this gel foam topper on our 10yr old mattress, and it immediately breathed new life into it. It's like getting a new mattress without actually enduring the expense. For a fraction of the price of replacing our mattress, we've probably bought ourselves another few years with this comfortable, well-made topper. The little jabs I was experiencing from worn springs have gone away - I should've put something like this on my mattress long ago. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get back a soft, comfortable, deeper sleep.

Verified Buyer
Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2022
Amazingly soft, comfortable and substantial mattress topper!

I ordered a mattress topper awhile back and it was OK. ?It felt more like a really thick blanket than anything else. ?I'm not sure how much comfort and luxury it added to our mattress but it didn't detract from it so it was left there. ?After a week or so, I figured it was time to upgrade and ordered this mattress topper.The first sign this was going to be a *serious* mattress topper came when the box arrived. ?It was surprisingly heavy. ?The item weight on the product description is listed as 28.3 pounds and it felt like it weighed more than that. ?So I lugged it upstairs, unpacked it and let it expand. ?I didn't think I'd be talking about the 'presentation' of a mattress topper but this one gave the vibe of a quality product with an outer bag (the blue one in the first picture) an inner bag and plenty of wrapping inside that.The other thing that I noticed immediately was the non-skid bottom and removable straps. ?Our previous mattress topper would slide all over the place meaning you had to reposition it every morning. I'm surprised that more mattress toppers don't focus on this problem. ?The non-skid bottom would likely do the job by itself but the straps are such a simple, functional idea.The first thing I did was unfurl it on the bed and test it out. ?You could tell it was insanely comfortable just by doing that. ?After sleeping on it for several nights now it is not only very comfortable but very cool. ?Last summer, I bought a mattress topper made my one of the big name brands in bedding that was supposed to specialize in cooling. ?It even had a bunch of ice cubes pictured on the box. ?It did a decent job cooling, but this topper does a substantially better job. The product description says the topper is 'extra soft' but that shouldn't be construed with the 'sinking feeling' that you get from a substandard mattress that lacks firmness. ?They found the balance between 'too soft' and 'too firm' perfectly.The product description says that this topper is 'like sleeping on a cloud comfortable & not hot at all, you barely feel the movement when they toss and turn.' ?This statement is 100% accurate. ?There's a misconception that mattress toppers are a panacea to 'salvage' a substandard mattress but that isn't the case. ?One reason that most hotel beds are very comfortable (assuming you're staying in decent hotels) is the use of a mattress topper. ?We have a very good mattress that's pretty comfortable by itself. ?This topper makes it substantially better. ?Highly recommended!

Verified Buyer
Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2022

2 inch memory foam topper, this is easy to place on bed. It arrives vacuum sealed just like many bed in bag products. Once opened, you need to lay this out and allow it time to expand. We noticed that ours has gaps in the corners where the covering seems larger than the pad itself. Even with multiple attempts to straighten and try to coerce the pad to fill the gaps, they still remain. Of course it gets covered when your secure your sheets and such. Other than those gaps, this is near perfect. Comfortable nights sleep.

Verified Buyer
Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2022
Yes! Yes! Yes!

My wife and when shopping for a new mattress about a year or so going being our old one lost its support and was dipping in key spots. ?If you ever never shopped for a new mattress, trust me when I tell you, it's right up there in buying a car from a dealership, the absolute worst experience ever!Well, I thought we made an informed decision with the one we pulled the trigger on. It has latex support in the lower back area and came with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, all for around $3,500!In the time we owned this mattress, we are experiencing the same issues as with our previous mattress. Needless to say, I made the call and had it inspected. My mattress did not meet the requirements to be replaced, being it was within the guidelines of not being more than 4 inches in the dip from edge to edge. Also, I'm 200lb and my wife is 120lb And I rotate the mattress once a month...What a waste of money!Everything has changed since we received this topper! It filled in the gaps and provided the support to allow us both to sleep in the leveled and balanced from head to toe.Overall, I assure you, I'm not ever purchasing a mattress without getting a memory form topper to go with it! It's worth every penny, for sure!

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. AWe've had for 6 months and so far so good. ?We both like it. :). It has not sank or sagged any and I don't suspect that it will, seems to be made well.
  2. ASorry, twin and full size are sold out now,It will takes a month for the mattresses to reach Amazon warehouse.
  3. AYou wouldn't even know there was any awful mattress! I sent it right back
  4. AWe do not recommend to put this mattress on an adjustable bed. Once the mattress bends, the pocket springs may be out of shape, and affect the support and comfort.
  5. AThank you for your question, the supplier is from Malaysia, the supplier name is a trade secret, and the email is sent to obtain the name of the supplier company. customservice@sunrisingbed.com

    Sunrising Bedding Team
  6. ASubmit to the government control waves. Join us in harmony. ?Peace through radiation.
  7. ANo. ?It is one sided. ?You can rotate it if needed, but you never turn it over.