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5 Factors That Affect Muscle Growth In Children in 2022

Do you worry about your child’s poor performance on Sport’s Day in school last week? Do you find your little one out of breath almost every time he goes for a run with you? Has your child often complained about fatigue, muscle ache and exhaustion? Some of the many symptoms might in your kids when they step in to the threshold of their lives. At first, you might not notice it, but surely, you don’t want your child to have a dreaded childhood.

It is highly essential to building the children’s muscle and body mass during their adolescent years. Because it can enhance their strength and endurance during regular activities and sports. Muscle growth also helps in developing bone density and strengthening ligaments and tendons to support the growing child’s skeletal structure.

Parents often confuse muscle growth with weight lifting and bodybuilding. That's not right, weight lifting and bodybuilding are definitely not recommended for children, as that might interfere with their growth. So, what exactly are the reasons behind the muscle growth in children?

Look at the top 5 factors affecting muscle growth in children and allowing them to develop their strength and energy.



  1. Plenty of NutrientsChildren should have a well-nourished diet routine, which is abundant of proteins and nutrients.This not only helps in building the muscles but also enables the children to gain strength and strengthen their immune system. Food items like, beef, chicken, fish, nuts or low-fat dairy products must be provided for a better and fitter body. If you want children healthy overall, food items should be from all kind of food from different food groups. Along with the protein foods, offer your child a variety of fruits, fibrous veggies, grain items and lentils. A sound healthy diet is a reason behind a healthy body and strong muscles for your children.


  1. Exercise– The perfect combination of enjoying the childhood and gaining muscles at the same time. So children should also have the perfect dose of exercise in their daily schedule. Let’s not make it a monotonous one; exercises should be fun activities like, cycling, running, swimming, playing sports and enjoying quality time with friends at the playground. As long as the physical activities help in healthy muscle development, your children can have a fun take on exercises. Kids can actually build muscles while playing and enjoying themselves – now that’s something you might not have expected!


  1. Early Bedtime Schedule– As surprising as it sounds, muscle growth is impossible without a good night’s sleep, even when your child has a protein enriched diet and play hours. Every child needs to replenish their exhausted body and proper sleep routine will help in that.Researches have already found out that when your little one is enjoying a deep slumber, their bodies are busy repairing muscle tissue, replacing old and damaged cells, and preparing their bodies for the next day’s activity. The brain exhaustion is reduced, and more mental alertness is achieved with a sound sleep, which will make your child look sharp and alive. Doctors recommend almost more than 10 hours of sleep for children to have an active day. Make your child habituated to an early bedtime and watch the little one all charged up the next morning!


  1. Strength Training– Parents, do not confuse strength training with weight lifting or powerlifting! It’s not! As interesting as it sounds, strength training primarily focuses on proper techniques, light resistance and controlled movements which are highly safe for your children. If done correctly, strength training will offer several benefits for your children’s health, muscle building one of them. Strengthening your child’s bones, helping in proper blood circulation, enhancing your child’s muscle endurance, helping them perform effectively in sports, and helping in maintain your child’s body weight. With fun and easy techniques, strength training is certainly ideal for your child to become more confident and strong at an early age.


  1. Safe Environment– As parents, it is your sole responsibility of ensuring your children in a safe and healthy environment which would enable a holistic development of their body. It might surprise you but according to WHO (World Health Organization), almost 5 million children across the globe die every year due to environmental hazards and problems. Health problems like, physical abnormalities, deterioration in growth, reduced body mass, weakened immune system, mental and cognitive disorder, impaired attention and memory, muscle fatigue and many more can be found in children, who are subjected to long time exposure to pollutants like lead, manganese, mercury, arsenic and pesticides found in the environment. These health problems will not only affect your child’s health but also weaken their body strength. With proper care and protection, you too can make your child’s life a safe and memorable one.  Go ahead and make it worth living!


Don’t make your kids strong for the sake of doing it. Make them strong to face their problems with a brave identity. Ensure a complete development of health – not just their muscle strength, but their mental and physical fitness as well. The combination of muscle strength and correct body mass will allow children to be a winner on their own.

Muscle growth doesn’t happen overnight, and children shouldn’t be under rigorous training to obtain such unrealistic demands. Let your children have a fun time while exercising, let them build their body strength at their own pace and then watch how they are capable of developing a strong and robust structure which will help them in staying active for long hours and preventing all kind of diseases.