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Reviewed on Mar 04, 2021

A great FIRM mattress!!

I bought this after reading all of the reviews and questions. I used to have a Waterbed, then a Sealy Backsaver, then a Firm Beautyrest mattress. Sealy was very hard and I used a 2"memory foam topper. Beautyrest was less firm but I still used a topper even though not really needed. I also bought a 2"latex topper for the Sunliving only because most of the reviews made this mattress appear very firm at least on the 8"and I like the"bounce"of a latex topper. The first night it felt hard but not bad. We only let it sit a couple hours before sleeping on it. That's without a topper as the one I ordered has not been received yet. After using it a couple of weeks now we've decided that we don't need the topper. I may try it though. I believe most of the reviews from folks thinking it's too hard have never really had any experience with a truly hard mattress. Most buy a mattress (even a firm one) with a pillowtop built into it so don't know how hard the actual mattress is. I would rate the bare 10' mattress an 8.5 on a scale from 1-10 hardness. My husband is a stomach sleeper and I sleep on my side. The mattress quality is very good. I do not feel any springs and it NEVER SMELLED.If I were to have a wish it would be that the edge had the extra support, although we're now used to the difference from our old mattress. Without a topper it's very much like the Beautyrest firm we had before. The cashmere top is very nice and it opened nicely on the bed but we had to flip it over so the latex side was up.We were both pleasantly surprised with how much we liked it. Amazing how they can compress these and have them open up to a perfectly looking mattress. If you buy one please give it a week or so before you decide if you like it or not. Ours is softer 2 weeks from the initial opening. The 20yr warranty is a plus and you can bet I'll use it if there is any issues. We love it so far!!