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Best Sleeping Positions For Pregnant Women To Get Rid of Back Pain

pregnant women sitting on the sofa

Pregnancy is not only an exciting period in a woman’s life, it could be hectic. Since different women respond differently during pregnancy. However, it is important to ensure that all the things you do during pregnancy keep you and your baby safe. In addition to diet and working out during pregnancy, sleep is also very important. You should ensure that you get enough sleep so that you and your baby are safe. There are cases where the mother may complain of lower back pain during pregnancy, which is a common condition among pregnant women due to hormonal changes. There are several ways to get rid of the lower back pain, and the sleeping position goes a long way.


Here are some of the top tips on the sleeping positions for your back pain during pregnancy:


Put a pillow between your knees and lay on your side. When you are in this position, allow your shoulders to touch the mattress together with all the other parts of your body. The purpose of placing the pillow in between your knees is in order to align your spine, hips and pelvis. When you are in this position, you can use an additional pillow if your waist does not touch the mattress. Also ensure that you do not sleep on the same side every day, shift positions even throughout the night.


You can sleep on your side in the fetus position. You can sleep on the bed on your back and gently roll over to your side. Then tuck your knees so that they are close to your chest and gently curl your torso towards your knees. This position is important because it helps to open up your vertebrae discs. It is also important to ensure that you switch sides every now and then to ensure there are no imbalances created.


You can also find an adjustable bed so that you can lay on your back in a reclining position. This position is especially beneficial when you have isthmic spondylolisthesis. This is a condition where the vertebrae column slips below the others. This may lead to a lot of back pain and discomfort. Sleeping on a reclining position enables your back to alleviate the pain and pressure. Because it creates an angle between your trunk and thighs which helps to reduce the stress on the vertebrae. Besides, you won't deny that an adjustable bed would only perform well when it works with a comfortable mattress.


The sleeping position is very important in determining the comfort of a pregnant mother. It can be very helpful to get rid of the lower back pain that comes with pregnancy. Sleeping on the back may be a very comfortable position for many women. Even with the back pain it is possible for you to sleep on your back and get rid of it. When you are sleeping on your back, you may want to place a pillow under your knees and a folded towel on the small of your back. These measures help you to remain stable and ensure that your spine is properly aligned. Check Top Tips on How to Curb Sleep Related Back Pain for more information about back pain relief.