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Reviewed on Apr 13, 2020
Better than the rest...and better rest, too!

I have purchased six different memory foam mattresses online during the past several years and this one is the best. It is comfortable and supportive of my back and neck. I've had serious injuries and used to wake up with numb handsor leg cramps. Not on this mattress.I bought one for me and liked it so much I bought another one for my cousin who has had back surgery - she loves the mattress. I don't wake up as often as I used to because I don't have to keep turning over to prevent hip pain. My hips feel fine on this mattress.I bought a mattress from Zinus years ago and loved the feel but it made me sneeze. Then I learned that the inner cover had a lot of fiberglas (they list is on the label as glass fiber so it may not show up on searches) which was most likely the issues. I was exposed to asbestos years ago on a job site and had a horrible reaction. I bought an Awara mattress but it was way too bouncy for me, way too expensive and it didn't inflate properly.I have had my Sunrising mattress for three months now and it still feels brand new. I would definitely purchase this one again and I highly recommend it.At first, I thought it might be too soft because I sink in a bit, but it's like floating on water - supportive but soft. It moves with me and it has a very fast resilience. If I get up for a few seconds, there is no indentation, unlike a lot of memory foam mattresses.