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Reviewed on Dec 04, 2021

Do NOT Buy!!!

Really wanted to love this. Moved into an apartment with a smaller bedroom and it’s just me, also wanted an extra long mattress. The other big thing I wanted was a mattress without fiberglass (or something closely related to it) or nasty chemicals to make it fire resistant as now required by law, which means latex is involved which I had no problem with. The list of mattress’ that met all those requirements was not large. I was very excited to find this mattress.The spring coil buts did start digging in not long after I got it. Maybe within a month or so. Would probably not have noticed but the first 2 mattress toppers I got didn’t work out so I slept on it without for a bit. The top layer of the mattress also moved, kind of bunching and having to be pulled or readjusted. It’s pretty clear that this mattress will not last long term. Now if it’s for a young child or someone very small/skinny it might not be so bad. I am 215lbs. However I do think it still wouldn’t hold up to the test of time, I’ve had ones hold up much longer & better.Really cannot recommend!