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Reviewed on Oct 04, 2018

Excellent, quality product

I'm not one to write reviews, my first. I felt compelled to because i love this mattress so much and I feel this company is spot on in the way they run their business. They state facts and concentrate on putting out quality products. I'm hoping I'll still feel this way years down the line. I've only had this for a month, but so far am very, very happy with it. It was exactly as i hoped it would be-firm, sturdy and quality made. It has been brutally hot and humid, here, in Hawai'i and I slept through it with no profuse sweats, which is a feat in itself. Fans help, yes, but i've slept on memory foam with fans blasting and have woken up in pools of sweat!! There is no odor of any sort and i'm highly sensitive to synthetic scents...just ask the poor fella who has to hear me sneeze and blow my nose all day when i catch a whiff of any synthetic scent. There's no turbulence when my mate tosses and turns. Some people complain of it being too firm(I like firm) but i rather have it firmer and put a topper on or something. Soft for me just means it won't go the distance. Having the right amount of springs(this mattress does) is crucial for support and longevity, in my opinion. Also, firmness is great for"amorous"activities, em....if anyone wondered:) I have absolutely no complaints about this mattress. I bought two and will probably get another one. If this company continues to put out quality and earth friendly products at reasonable prices, I'd happily support them. I've recommended this mattress to a bunch of people already. As a matter of fact, my neighbor bought one straight away, after I raved about how great the mattress is. I can totally be the spokesperson for this mattress!! That's how well it has served me. But, like I said, I hope I will be saying this years down the line. That will be the true test.