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Reviewed on Jan 10, 2019

Give it 30 days! UPDATE POSTED

This mattress was a rebound purchase after a sleep trial on one of the big memory foam brands (it rhymes with Nuft and Teedle). I had no issues with returning that mattress, but I was definitely confused as I shopped for a replacement.Basically, memory foam was too soft and squishy for me. There wasn’t enough support, and I was constantly in pain. I knew I needed firm, and several hours in a mattress store told me I wanted springs. The thing is, you can’t really buy an old-fashioned spring mattress without an additional material unless you want to drop thousands. I was strongly considering it when I found this mattress.YMMV, but this mattress is firm with no squishy foam feel. It took a solid 30 days and a chiropractor to decide that this works for me, but I wake up refreshed and comfortable. I’m a stomach sleeper if that helps you. My husband is a back sleeper who also needed 30 days and is happy.UPDATE: After nearly 8 months on this bed, I can say that it is positively the right choice for us. We did end up buying a latex topper around the 3rd month because my husband found this too firm, but there's no sag, no dip, and no reduction in comfort level. I'm currently shopping for a second one for my child.2021 Update: There has been no sag and no reduction in support from this mattress. I can honestly say it's been the best furniture purchase I've made.