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Reviewed on Apr 29, 2021

Long Shipping Time, Decent Mattress

I ordered these in early February and didn't receive them till mid-April--so maybe keep that in mind if you need a mattress right away. As for the mattresses themselves (I ordered 2 twins for a stackable twin bed frame), I think they're a good deal for the price. I expected them to be too firm or the top latex layer to be too thin and was fully prepared to buy a separate topper, but after a couple weeks I'm pretty sure I don't need that. For reference, I'm female, 130 lbs, with most of my weight in my hips, so when I sleep on my side I could maybe wish for a little more cushioning, but I don't have the problem of feeling the springs, which I've read in other reviews. One thing to note--I read that the separated coil springs would help with motion transfer, but these have a pretty high rate of motion transfer. Not a problem for me because when I have a partner stay over, I'll be putting the two mattresses side by side, but if I'd ordered a single mattress I would have been able to feel every move of my sleeping partner, which for me as a light sleeper is just miserable. So overall I'm happy with my purchase, just wish I hadn't had to wait 2 months to get them.