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Why a Mattress Topper can Help Your Sleep

What Do We Understand by a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper refers to a layer that gets placed over a mattress. It is generally of thickness approximately in the range of 1-4 inches. It is removable and gets used for additional support, cushioning, and comfort. In general cases, a mattress topper constitutes various fillings inside it. It can consist of gel, microfiber, memory foam, latex, feathers, and hollow fiber.  

A mattress topper helps to rejuvenate an old mattress and thus serves as an alternative to purchasing a new one. The layer can come in two styles. It can either get placed on the upper surface of the mattress with no attachments. Otherwise, it can come fitted and fixed using straps to prevent sliding or moving out of place and position. 

What are the Different and Distinct Types and Categories of Mattress Toppers?

A mattress topper can get classified into various types. It depends on the filling used inside the item. Based on that, the different categories consist of the following:

  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A memory foam mattress topper can change or mold its shape. It does so to match the structure and outline of the person lying on it. It provides extra comfort and soothes the body significantly. Such mattress toppers have hypoallergenic properties and are thus highly suitable for people who wake up at night due to allergic reactions. 

A gel mattress topper has a gel filling inside it that also serves the purpose of memory foam. It implies that it provides comfort, a soothing feeling, and pressure relief. Additionally, the gel allows for a cold sensation. It can get owed to the better temperature regulation and air circulation it facilitates and initiates. 

  • Microfiber and Hollow Fiber Mattress Topper

A hollow fiber or a microfiber mattress topper consists of synthetic fillings. It makes them soft and springy, allowing for considerable comfort when someone lies down on them. On top of that, these mattress toppers have hypoallergenic properties, making them suitable for individuals having allergies. Generally, a hollow fiber or a microfiber mattress topper serves as the most affordable option among all the other types. 

  • Feather Mattress Topper

A feather mattress topper has a filling of feathers, making it exceedingly soft. Additionally, it regulates the temperature, allowing a comfortable sleep. Overall, these mattress toppers provide a refreshing feeling. 

  • Latex Mattress Toppers

A latex mattress topper gets made of a natural material. It has a natural resistance to bacteria and dust mites. It has hypoallergenic properties for all types of allergy except the latex type. However, these mattress toppers are comparatively more expensive and can result in crumbling and discoloration. It can happen due to prolonged oxidation of the filling material. 

What are the Various Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper provides numerous benefits that aid significantly in daily life. A few of these plusses consist of the following:

  • Increases the Lifetime of the Mattress

A mattress topper helps take substantial pressure off the mattress, preventing it from getting worn out and down fast. It allows it to enjoy a long lifespan and not get unusable quickly. 

  • Provides Exceptional and Additional Comfort

A mattress topper adds to the comfort provided by a mattress. It makes the entire thing soft and cozy, allowing the person lying on it to feel relaxed and at ease. In some cases, a mattress topper can soothe pains and aches of the various body parts, permitting and enabling a good night’s sleep. 

  • Allows the Mattress to Stay Fresh and Clean

A mattress topper prevents any dirt or dust from reaching the mattress underneath the layer. It allows the latter to stay fresh and clean for a significantly long time. In addition to that, most mattress toppers are hypoallergenic. It means that they prevent any allergic reactions, allowing the user to sleep without any discomfort. 

Most mattress toppers can get washed using a machine, while others need hand-washing. Irrespective of the method, they are effortless to clean and require less time and energy than washing and drying the entire mattress. 

  • Saves a Considerable Amount of Money

A mattress topper keeps a mattress comfortable, clean, and cozy for a prolonged period. It implies that the need to wash or replace the latter gets reduced for an extended time. It can get owed to the sense and feeling of newness it provides to the mattress. For that reason, it helps save a substantial amount of money. 

  • Possesses a Versatile Nature

A mattress topper can get changed or replaced at any time. It does not even result in a significant monetary loss. It is unlike the replacement process of a mattress. If an individual is not satisfied with the mattress topper, they can change it with another one. They can also do so when it becomes unclean. The process is relatively effortless. On top of that, they can take it off entirely if they do not want to use it for a particular period. 

What are the Reasons for Which an Individual Can Use a Mattress Topper?

In general cases, a mattress topper can get used for two reasons. It can be to make a firm mattress more comfortable and softer. In addition, it can serve as a remedy for a sagging, old, and shabby one. Let us discuss each in detail. 

A firm mattress may prove suitable for some people. However, it may be uncomfortable for most other individuals, preventing them from having a good night’s sleep. In the worst cases, it can lead to severe back pain. In such cases, a mattress topper helps significantly. It is even more so when these individuals cannot purchase a new mattress due to one reason or the other. It may be because of economic constraints or because the bedding is relatively new. A mattress topper helps make the firm mattress softer and more relaxing. It allows the person using it to feel cozy. 

Such a feature proves beneficial when two people use the same mattress at different times. If one of them prefers the firmness and the other does not, they can put up the mattress topper as and when necessary. 

Also, a mattress topper keeps the mattress clean and free from dust and dirt. It provides a clean and new look to the latter.