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Reviewed on May 06, 2021

no more back pain.

I really don’t believe in these New mattress,s the hybrid, foam,latex etc,ive spent over 4 gs since 2010 on beds. The old classic coil mattresses with NO foam that were FLIPable were the best and latest 25 yrs plus,but the mattress companys decided to market these new style hybrid foam things as the latest n greatest. They are NOT ! But flipable coil mattresses are obsolete. Soooo here we go again ,this time I’m only spending $700 not 2 gs on one. 20 yr warrenty thee reason I bought this one,believe me, one day before the 20 yrs exprires im getting a free replacement. Kept bill,even put a piece of tape on bottom of mattress with expired date may.4.2041 . But ya, two nights now,verrrrry comfy sleep great,no more back pain.