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Customer Questions & Answers

  1. ANot yet, of course I have only used the mattress for a couple of months.
  2. ASunrising Bedding mattress can withstand a weight of 800lbs. 8 inch mattress is thick enough for overweight sleepers. What’s more, overweight sleepers are more suitable for a firm mattress so as to not “sink in” too much.
  3. ANo, the mattress has only one size where you can sleep on. But you can rotate it by placing the head of the mattress at the foot of the bed.Thanks
  4. AThe pocket coils are wraped independently. The coils on the edge sides is made of 2.2mm gauge steel, this is for better edge support. And the other pocket coils in the middle of mattress is made of 2.0mm steel. Sunrising Bedding provides a proper and long-lasting support and comfort. Hope you will enjoy your sleep on it. Thank you.
  5. AHi There, Thank you for reaching out. Yes, our 10 inch is medium firm, if you prefer a firm mattress, please take a look at our 8 inch. Anything else we can help, please let me know.
    All the best
    Sunrising Bedding Team
  6. AIt is 1 inch of latex; see the accompanying review video or search you tube for review video (that is what I did). The accompanying video suggested that the more concentrated one’s weight, probably the greater need for a thicker foam layer. I am 6.2 and 165 pounds. I have had my Sinrising for about 6 months and still would rate it a best value product.
  7. AI seriously doubt it! It feels just as clean and natural as they advertised.
  8. AThis question should be referred to and answered by the manufacturer.