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Can queen mattress be placed on top of an air mattress? My frame is still being used at another location for about a month.

asked by Anonymous
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  1. I have an engineering point of view, to be able to answer your question. I would tell you that it would depend on whether the air mattress would be able to retain the structural stability of the air mattress. The advantage is that this mattress distributes its own weight evenly. The problem with an air mattress lies when there is an uneven distribution of weight. ?The other factor would be whether there will be one or two people, and what not. I would just use it to sleep on. Any lateral movements would make the mattress slip and fall over. :-)
    Verified Buyer answered on 2018-10-03 19:27:56
  2. I think is going to slide. but overall sunrise ?bedding 8 inches it is very comfortable mattress and for a good price. I had it for eight months and is still nice and firm
    Verified Buyer answered on 2018-01-13 14:44:37