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Reviewed on Nov 26, 2021

Shopping for a mattress sucks. Just get this one.

Look, I hardly ever review things, but I just completed the agonizing experience of trying to find the best $300-ish mattress I could get shipped to me in a box. Just get this one. It’s comfortable, supportive, and I’ve slept pretty well on it for the past couple months.Honestly surprised by how nice it was, and while lugging the box up 4 flights of stairs in a tiny Boston apartment wasn’t the highlight of my day, even this out of shape neuroscientist could manage it. I got the 8”, it more or less inflated in 15 minutes and didn’t smell bad. Plus, there’s a little embroidered sheep thing on the cashmere (probably ) cover.I’m not proud to shill for a $300 mattress produced by some company you’ve never heard of before today, but if you’ve also been reading far too many mattress reviews online and just want to get the whole process over with, buy this one. You’ll like it.