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Why You Shouldn't be Sleeping with Your Pet

Everyone has different sleeping habits and their own comfort level, so do people with an adorable pet in their homes. Though just because you prefer to doze off in a certain way, does not mean it is also safe for you and your dear little one. Every pet owner extremely love their pet and consider it their own child. Care for it, feed it daily, take it on a refreshing evening walk and also- sleep with them in the same bed. Cold seasons can be hard on your pet’s endurance, but making them sleep with you in one bed is probably never a good idea to warm them up. Contrary to popular belief, snuggling with your pet can actually lead to harmful effects on your body. It also becomes the reason for a number of illnesses and chronic diseases, regardless of whether your pet is vaccinated or not.


two dogs are on the bed


1.Do you want your pet to boss you around?
Sleeping with your regularly will create confusion about your status in the house. Besides, the pet will begin showing dominant behavior and arrogance. For instance, not accepting healthy dog food, acting overly violent and urinating in the house even when frowned upon. They will begin reprimanding your orders which is far from what a pet owner wants.


2.You may catch infectious diseases
People who sleep in close vicinity of their pets have greater chances at catching nasty diseases. These diseases include rabies, epidemic hepatitis B encephalitis, Lentivirus infection, nematode disease, and hair dust allergy to list a few. Many of the listed illnesses are chronic in nature and can make you regret sleeping with your pet for a long time.


3.Sooner or later, It will become a problematic habit
Getting warmed up in the comforts of your bed will make your pet habitual of the same, they’ll begin hopping on to your bed every now and then, which is an issue when they are wet or muddy from playing outside. Situations can get extremely bad from here as it is plausible that your presence becomes their sleeping habit. They will always need your embrace to fall asleep- even when you’re away from home and unable to comfort them into sleep. It’s better to not make it hard on your pet.


4.Look out if you have kids in the house
Scientists concluded in a recent study that letting pets sleep in your bed is basically taking a huge biting risk for your kid. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exposed some horrific statistics in their study, which says that there were 109 fatal dog bites between years 1989 to 1994, eleven of which were to sleeping babies. Many think it is impossible for their pet to do something like this, a pet’s nature, however, can easily be called unpredictable.
It is important for pet keepers to be prudent and take active protective measures for hygiene and safety purposes. Get your pet vaccinated according to relevant regulations and feed them healthy food exclusively made for pets. The breeding environment should also be very hygienic and ventilated well.


How to prevent your pet from sleeping on your bed?
Having a hard time finding solutions to your pet’s habit of sleeping in your bed? Try some of the effective measures below!
Buy your little one a kennel
For particularly clingy pets, owners had better buy a soft and comfortable kennel. You can then put in a piece of old clothing to give it a cosy bed-like feeling. Place the kennel beside your bed and direct the pet to use it.
Naturally, your pet will not concede at once. Prevent them from hopping on to your bed by gently resisting with your hands and feet. Your pet will eventually grasp the hint and within 3 to 4 nights, it will fall in love with its own little sleeping nest finally.


Make sure your pet’s tummy is full
If your pet is not well fed before bed time, they may bark and even yell out of hunger. Your pet may jump into the bed just to remind you to feed them. Why not just make sure that your adorable baby’s tummy is full before they are tucked into their kennel?
If your pet has already had dinner before going to bed, you can prepare milk replacer instead of staple food. The milk replacer is especially suitable for pets who have just weaned for 1 to 3 months.


Make your pet feel at home- the right way!
For pets that have just come home, this new environment might be strange and unnerving for them. Visible feelings of anxiousness and fear are normal in such situations. You’ll want to keep the pet ear all the time, but that isn’t the best idea. We suggest not let the pet out of their cage when in a new environment, it just makes them feel more anxious.
You can place the cage in a place from where the pet can see you at any time. This reduces their loneliness and familiarizes them to you the right way.


Resisting gently really does work
If your pet constantly calls you out by gestures or tries to jump on to the bed, it is best to lightly touch them and push away, showing gentle resistance works wonders long-term. Your pet will eventually get the signals and  sleep comfortably in their dog bed .