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Reviewed on Sep 10, 2020
Terrific memory foam mattress

I'm a side sleeper. Research says I should prefer a more plush mattress, but I've always found firm mattresses to be more comfortable for me. This was an upgrade for me from another firm memory foam mattress, which I loved. But I like this one even more. It's even firmer than my old mattress, and that's exactly what I was hoping for. I've had several weeks of great sleep.Packaging was very secure. It started rising the moment I cut open the bag. It was probably very nearly fully risen within an hour, but I let it lay for a whole day. It's got a new mattress smell, but I don't find it offensive. And it's dissipating. I leave the window open during the day.No fiberglass = big plus. I did a lot of research to find a firm memory foam mattress without fiberglass or awful chemicals. This seemed like the best choice, and I'm now pretty sure it was.It's not the cheapest mattress on Amazon, but you're still saving a lot of money compared to a brick and mortar store. This was well worth every penny.