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Reviewed on Sep 18, 2017

The Least Expensive and Best Mattress We've Ever Had.

This mattress is the least expensive mattress we've ever had. Ironically and amazingly, it's also the BEST mattress we've ever had! I can now sleep on my left side without pain; it's great in any sleeping position. My wife researched about different mattresses, mattress materials, production methods, and their pros and cons. We decided to stay with an innerspring mattress. And when she came across this bed, she knew immediately that this mattress was it because it's expensively produced yet offered at such a remarkable price (for one thing, no middleman). However, she looked around for another month, just in case.We pulled the trigger in May 2017. We decided to add only a 2"inch natural latex (rather than 3") to save $100 since this mattress already has 1 inch of natural latex at the top. We bought a medium firm latex (thought it would last longer) instead of soft recommended for people with back problems and side sleepers, but it's been perfect for me. For optimal comfort, it's a good idea to splurge and top it with 2"or 3"*natural* latex - it's still a great value. If a person prefers a softer mattress, the best thing to do is add SOFT natural latex, rather than buying a cheap (or costly) soft mattress with thin coils and a cheap manufacturing processes that might suit them only at first. Also, I think some people may have tried sleeping with the mattress upside down, which would be too hard.