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Reviewed on Sep 10, 2021
Very good choice

I agonized for days over descriptions and reviews for a replacement mattress for a twin bed. I was worried that there would be a toxic smell, because I have MCS and smell everything in the neighborhood, good or bad! I chose the 10"hoping the extra layer of latex would help hide any smells. In addition, I live in a small apartment and there is nowhere to let anything air out and detox. So when my new Sunrising mattress arrived I watched the unwrapping with fear - and much to my delight & surprise there was almost no odor at all!! So little that I could actually sleep on it the first night, after covering it with a zippered mattress protector and other linens. It is a little firmer than I hoped, and will add extra padding for more softness. It filled up quickly and was a full 10"by bedtime. I can't go out & shop, so mattress hunting was stressful and tiresome, but I am very happy with my choice.