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Reviewed on Oct 10, 2022

What a difference 2 inches makes!

We got a Queen in the gel memory foam mattress topper. We opened the vacuum seal packaging and allowed it to air and fluff up/inflate for 72 hours before using it. There was no smell from the materials in the topper. It comes in a zippable washable cover, but I put a mattress protector over it and my mattress. It attaches to the mattress with corner adjustable straps. We purchased a new 12inch traditional coil/spring mattress that is ‘firm’ the way my husband likes it…but I prefer to sleep on a cloud. So far this topper is keeping both of us happily married by adding a layer of comfort to my mattress.. I am a side sleeper and my other half if a back sleeper and so far no complaints from either camp, we both feel comfortable and are getting a great night sleep. I tent to run hot/sometimes sweaty when sleeping so I hope this mattress will help regulate these sweaty nights I have. It’s only been 2 weeks, so far it is a 5 star quality topper. I cannot find anything that would make me give it any less than 5 stars right now. Time will tell it’s durability and longevity, so if an update is deemed necessary I will update with additional feedback.