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Which Mattress Serves as the Best One for Side Sleepers?

A side sleeper refers to a person who sleeps with their sides touching the bed surface instead of their stomach or back. They go to bed with their shoulder and hip on the mattress. 

Such a sleeping position may be due to several reasons. In addition to that, it may be intentional or unintentional. In the former case, a person can become a side sleeper owing to the various benefits that come with it. For instance, it helps them snore less. It can also reduce the symptoms and effects of gastroesophageal reflux disease and heart disorders. Otherwise, side sleeping may merely be because of their sleeping habits. 

In general cases, a side sleeper requires thicker mattresses and pillows. It can be because of their backaches and pains if they do not sleep in the correct posture and position. A firmer bed surface allows them to align their heads with their spine. It helps support the heavier parts and portions of their bodies. 

In this article, let us discuss a few mattresses suitable for side sleepers.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight is one of the best mattresses in the market that fulfills all the needs and requirements of a side sleeper. It ensures the highest degree and extent of comfort and firmness, irrespective of which side an individual sleeps. Helix Midnight comes with a breathable cover that increases the airflow through the entirety of the mattress. In turn, it prevents the retention and entrapment of heat. 

Helix Midnight has a memory plus foam layers. It molds to match the shape of the person on it. Thus, it relieves the stress and pressure at various body parts. On top of that, the mattress has another high-grade polyfoam layer that provides cushioning and ergonomic support. The coil base of Helix Midnight comes with a reinforced perimeter that prevents sagging and increases the area of the sleepable surface. 

Overall, Helix Midnight is suitable for people weighing under 130 pounds. It is best for those who prefer more bounce and sleep in hot conditions. 

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress is a highly affordable yet high-quality mattress for side sleepers. It comes with memory foam having gel infusion with additional support and transitional polyfoam layers. It provides medium firmness that can distribute the body weight and heat. The transitional polyfoam stabilizes the entire structure and allows for pressure relief and motion isolation. In addition to that, the mattress has a cover constituting nylon, polyethylene, and polyester. It helps reduce the moisture content. 

Nectar Mattress contours to the body shape and provides a sturdy yet comfortable feeling. Nevertheless, it prevents excessive sinkage or hugging. It allows for appropriate air and heat circulation, keeping the mattress at optimum temperature. Nectar Mattress’ firm nature ensures that it can accommodate people weighing over 130 pounds. Overall, it is suitable for those who suffer from frequent joint aches. 

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress comes with hybrid foam that provides the best elements of support and contouring. For that reason, it serves as one of the most suitable choices for all types and kinds of sleepers. The mattress has a blended cover made of breathable cashmere. Moreover, it has quilting composed of polyfoam to create a plush and soft surface. 

Another memory foam layer exists under it. It allows the mattress to mold to the body shape, providing the ultimate comfort. 

The memory foam has a cooling gel infusion. It helps minimize the heat retention and instead maximize its flow. DreamCloud Mattress is relatively firm, preventing the body from sinking too low. On top of that, it has a support coil. It consists of a coil system having a pocketed design. It works to reduce the motion transfer of the mattress. 

DreamCloud Mattress is suitable for people weighing between 130 pounds to 230 pounds. Those with a high body heat will find it comfortable because they would no longer find it hot while sleeping. 

Sunrising Bedding

Sunrising Bedding is one of the best mattresses an individual can find for its price. It is exceedingly suitable for side sleepers. Additionally, people who sleep on their stomachs and back can find superior comfort using it. 

Sunrising Bedding ensures the highest level and degree of comfort. It uses solely high-standard materials for all the components of the mattress. It comes in a unique design that facilitates and enables spinal alignment. In turn, side sleepers can sleep free from worries and the effects of body pains and aches. It stands true, irrespective of their position.

Sunrising Bedding mattresses come in varying thickness and firmness levels. It ensures that at least one of the products suits and matches the needs and requirements of the buyers. Sunrising Bedding has cashmere wool or soft Tencel cover. Furthermore, it can have memory foam, edge foam encasement, and a support basement made of polyfoam. 

The most enticing aspects of Sunrising Bedding entail its non-flammable nature and standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification for all its materials. Also, the mattresses get made without any flame retardants, phthalates, heavy metals, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde. 

Softer WinkBed

Softer Winkbed is a hybrid mattress with a broad firmness range. It allows for appropriate cushioning of the hips and shoulders. 

The mattress promotes and facilitates adequate spinal alignment. It helps reduce backaches and pain. It can be so for any sleeping position and body type or weight of the side sleeper.  

Softer Winkbed comes with a cover of breathable Tencel material that has a polyfoam layer with gel infusion. It has Euro-top quilting. It allows the mattress to mold and contour to the shape of the person lying on it. In turn, it relieves significant pressure. On top of that, the gel infusion works to drain the excess heat out of the side sleeper’s body. Furthermore, the additional polyfoam layer prevents excessive sinking. 

Softer Winkbed has a support core comprising individually wrapped and zoned coils. These zones allow for additional support and a higher accommodating feel for the lighter body parts. In addition, the bed perimeter has reinforcements that provide standout propping at the edges. Moreover, it increases the mattress’ usable surface. 

Softer Winkbed is suitable for people who weigh around 230 pounds or less than that. Couples or those who share a bed would find it comfortable. Furthermore, it proves cozy for the individuals who feel hot while sleeping.