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Insomnia or dream a lot while sleeping? Attention to these three aspects!

Sleep is critical to physical and mental health. There is a word for sleep, called “Sleep Quotient”, which is a created word, like intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional intelligence(EQ), Adversity Quotient(AQ) and so on.

Sleep quotient is a concept with connotations, the most important index to measure the quality of sleep. It’s be used to indicate recovery of physical and mental strength per unit of sleep. As getting older, people’s IQ goes up but at the same time sleep quotient declines. Most babies are comfortable in the sleep state, sometimes you can see the baby show a sweet smile during sleep. But more and more adults can’t sleep well, and many suffer from insomnia.

There are many reasons why they unable to sleep well. Too much noise around, had some vigorous exercise or too much thought before going to bed, which called insomnia - Noun, inability to sleep, the world’s most common sleep disorder. It can cause bad influence or frustration to daily work and life if didn’t get solved. People will be stressed by this and stress makes it harder to sleep, which is a vicious circle. Eventually, exhaustion catches up with all of them.

Feel unhappy if can not sleep well


If this problem of sleep often occurs and people do feel trapped by, they can easily find themself "insomnia" with half the effort by attention to these three symptoms:

◎Disturbance of the sleep process
When people find that it always takes a long time to fall asleep, easy to wake up with a little movement or difficult to fall asleep again in the middle of night, who also have problem with sleep deprivation and a decrease in sleep time, which means insomnia has been "on" them.

◎Daytime cognitive impairment
Feeling impaired memory, attention, and the ability to plan decreases lead to daytime sleepiness. And bad effect on the ability of work and drowsiness occurs as soon as stop working.

◎Loss of emotional control
Frequent lack of sleep can easily lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in disorders of the internal system of the body, then the ability of emotion control decreased and got angry or Constant anxiety easily.


When realize suffering from insomnia, people may have tried some way to force themself to get to sleep quickly. But the point for some scholars is to be careful not to use these following wrong methods:

1.Keep thinking about ”stop thinking”:

please kindly know that this way doesn't work! Because when they think "don't think about XXX" over and over again, they're actually reinforcing it in their brain.

2.Counting sheep:

What if it doesn't work either! This is because there is a premise to whether "counting sheep" can help people sleep. If they already have a lot of thoughts in their head, counting sheep is like adding another "thought" to the brain. So how do you think brain would calm down? And how do you think counting sheep will help to fall asleep?

3.Can’t sleep but still stay in bed over thirty minutes:

Don't continue to spend more time in bed when people can't sleep. This can’t lead to psychological default that bed is only used to sleep. Try changing to the sofa or other place to do something until feel like it’s time about to go to sleep and then go back to bed. Let your mind think of the bed as just a place to sleep.


What's the root cause of the three methods that do not work? Because they're all trying to calm the brain down by get the brain to work. That's a contradiction in itself! Instead of these wrong ways, people can save their sleep through by some external choices! For example:

1.Ban of the light:

Studies show that when people ready to fall asleep, the lights in the room can affect the body's melatonin production and affect the quality of sleep even the light is very weak. Turn off all lights and Filter the blue light of electronic device will help people to have a better sleep.

2.Breath Deeper:

Deep breathing helps the body relaxed, clear brain waste and oxygenate the brain while fall asleep faster, sleep quality getting better and better and so on.

3.Keep Cool:

Research from the university of south Australia has found that some forms of insomnia can occur due to poor thermoregulation. If people have trouble in falling asleep at night, a cooler room can help cool your body and allow for deeper restorative sleep.


In addition to the above options, people who have sleep problem can also summarize some good bedtime routine and just do it, exercise moderately every week and take a bath before bed for relaxation. Hope these words can be helpful to find “insomnia” and solve the problem.