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Ultimate Guide to Purchase the Best Latex Mattress

Are you thinking of buying the best latex mattress? Well, you have made the right decision already. Currently, this type of pallet has set the world on fire because of its most exceptional comfort and support that is convenient for the users. In fact, the benefits of these mattresses are not only their comfort but also the perfect airflow, natural made resistance as well as its natural origin. As a result, many individuals with back pain find them to be excellent in providing relief to their back. But remember, all that glitters is not gold hence not all these featherbeds available on the market are of high quality. Therefore, here is the best in-depth buying guide that will assist you to select the best mattress ever.

Dunlop Latex vs Talalay Latex

The processing technique: Talalay and Dunlop
Blended or natural latex can be using either Dunlop or Talalay method in the process to build the latex blocks for mattresses. However, it’s vital to understand that these two techniques result in entirely different texture or properties of pallets. The Talalay processing technique produces the softer or smooth mattress, and the procedure is a bit costly. On the other side, the Dunlop process results in a firm feather bed and forms only one block. However, the smooth feeling feature can be attained by putting a topper that possesses lower density on the upper side of the core mattress.


The two methods are almost the same when it comes to users satisfaction. Dunlop can be firmer but at the same time supportive while Talalay can be softer but the presence of glued stitches can be uncomfortable for some owners.
organic vs synthetic latex
Organic vs. synthetic or natural blended
The origin of latex can either be synthetic or natural. The natural one is the type of pallet where the latex is produced mainly from the rubber tree commonly known as Hevea Brasiliensis. It’s an excellent choice especially if you like using raw materials acquired from nature. All naturally designed mattresses are always costly, but expensive commodities are indeed durable than cheaper ones.

Also, natural latex featherbed can be designed using organic latex which is similar to the natural one. The pallet is created using the biological source of the raw material. That is presentable and nice looking if you’re an environmentally friendly person. These organic mattresses tend to be a bit costly as compared to the non-organic type.

Synthetic latex on the other side is equivalent to the natural when comparing its physical characteristics. But the only difference is that the latex undergoes the polymerization process during manufacturing. Therefore, when choosing this alternative, you can always take it as an advantage because it's less costly. Although it also has some demerits.

A natural blended synthetic mattress is not of low quality when compared to all natural latex ones. Most industries still use blended latex to design and manufacture different types of mattresses. In fact, when you choose to mix the natural and synthetic latex, they are capable of developing and producing an excellent feather bed that is convenient when it comes to its support as well as it’s comfort.

As a buyer, if you choose to purchase a mattress that has natural and synthetic blended latex or buy all natural latex one, ensure that the company or industry shows you different certification documents that indicate the manufacturing site of the pallets. By so doing, you will be able to understand if the mattress has passed through various testing by international standards like LGA and Oeko-Tex to validate that the feather bed doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals, they are durable and elastic.
latex firmness scale
Different levels of firmness
Every person has unique preferences when choosing the softness or stiffness of the mattress. As a buyer, you require to test out all levels of hardness to determine which one you want. Just like other mattresses on the market, latex offers a variety of firmness. And  the firmness ranges from a softer pallet that gives you a smooth and comfortable feeling to a firm one.
Use the Indentation Load Deflection(ILD) to measure the hardness of the mattress and contrast it with its firmness. By so doing, you will be able to determine the best firmness level that fits your preferences.
natural latex vs latex combined
Latex combined with other materials vs. 100% latex
There’s a significant difference between a 100 percent latex featherbed and latex ones that are mixed with other raw materials such as innerspring, memory foam, or polyurethane foam. Typically, all latex made pallets are the best to the customers than the ones manufactured using latex mixed with other products. In fact, latex blended with polyurethane form emit a hazardous and unpleasant gas that disrupts your comfort while sleeping. Furthermore, all latex designed mattresses are durable and do not readily lose their shape or support, unlike other mattress products.
flame retardant
Flame retardant of the featherbeds
Currently, all mattresses meet all the federal rules and regulations for flammability. And this is a measure that prevent an outbreak of house fires as well as for safety purposes. Therefore when purchasing your mattress, ensure you go for the one designed using natural foam from latex. Because it’s less flammable as compared to the one made from PU foam as well as other products. The naturally produced latex mattresses have wool hindrances that surround the latex form and the wool act as flame resistance especially when it’s combined with boron or other specific additives.
mattress cover
Check for mattress covers
The mattress cover is also another factor you should consider while purchasing latex featherbed. Look at its material flexibility, breathability, and if the material will last for long. Natural, synthetic fibers such as wool and cotton are the best option at absorbing moisture and allows free airflow. This is because of the presence of pinholes. The cover should also be flexible so that the natural latex foam can completely curve the body.
Always ensure you purchase a latex bed mattress from companies or brands that offer a guarantee. A unique and highly designed latex mattress comes with a warranty of about ten years.

Therefore, you now understand factors to consider while choosing the best-latex bed mattress; the shopping process will now be easier and faster. In fact, when you sleep on these pallets, you will discover that they possess an innate bouncy like feeling, a feature that makes turning and relaxing process over breeze because one gets additional support from the elastic properties of the mattress. So, why hesitate? Remember, the earlier, the better. Purchase your mattress today at the best rated mattress store if you want to have a relaxed and sound night sleep.