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Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2021
1.5 Years of ownership

I did not buy this directly through Amazon at the time, but directly through the manufacturer (which had a sale going).The first nine months to a year with this bed was fine/great (4 to 5 stars) -- well worth the great price.Around the year mark it started becoming uncomfortable. So, since I had purchased a queen size, I rotated (not flipped) the mattress so that I would sleep on the less used side.Here I am now at the 1.5 year mark, finding that it is very uncomfortable. My back is the primary instigator of my discomfort (too much pressure on it due to my hips/shoulders sinking into the bed).I'm an average height male weighing around 170lbs. If I can't get a topper to help this bed, I'm replacing it. Though... I'm starting to believe that one should spend their money where they spend their time -- and not go cheap.For $300-$400, for a years worth of comfort... not bad. Sadly, yet also a plus of the mattress, there is no sensation or observable artifact of the bed forming dips/bowl shape, so getting in on a warranty probably won't happen. It looks as level as the day it unrolled.This will make an excellent guest bed!