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Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Mattress & Independently Encased Innerspring Coil Hybrid Mattress – Not Sagging and Sink – 120 Day Free Return


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20 year warranty

120 night trial

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What's Inside?

Pocket Coil Mattresses Pocket Coil Mattresses

1. Luxurious Cashmere Wool Cover

cashmere as mattress cover is unsurpassed in its ultra plush, lofty and airy-light feel.
Anti-pilling, Anti-Bacteria and Mites

2. 100% Natural Talalay Latex

The 100% organic latex from Thailand made by the Talaly technology results in a lighter and more airy latex,providing the bouncy, contouring and healthy sleep.

3. Pocketed Coils Support System

Independent pocket springs are made from quenched and tempered steel which guarantees the strong toughness and ductility to stay up to more than 20 years.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Cool & Comfortable Latex Cushion Layer Is Everything You Want

Talalay latex is softer and more plush than Dunlop latex and has uniform consistency throughout the whole mattress. It provides the bounce and body contouring to sleepers of all sizes.

Latex contours the body and relieves pressure points. The elasticity of the latex quickly adjust to body shape in sleep.

100% natural latex has more air flows that helps to conduct heat away from the body and keep you sleep cool all night.

100% natural latex is green & healthy for you and the Earth. It has natural ability to prevent germs, mites and other allergens.

Affordable Mattress Online Mattress Dimensions + ×

Mattress Dimensions:39" x 75" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:14" x 13" x 44"


Twin XL:

Mattress Dimensions:39" x 80" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:12" x 12" x 44"



Mattress Dimensions:54" x 75" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:14" x 14" x 59"



Mattress Dimensions:60" x 80" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:12" x 12" x 66"



Mattress Dimensions:76" x 80" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:12" x 12" x 82"


Cal King:

Mattress Dimensions:72" x 84" x 8"

Shipping Box Size:12" x 13" x 78"



Sunrising Bedding memory foam is CertiPUR-US® certified. It is made without formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates or ozone depleters. The manufacturing process climates unsafe additive agent and allows for less chemicals, which means less bad odor and less toxins.

Sunrising Bedding Mattress has passed flammability test by 16 CFR 1633. We adopts high dense cotton fiber as a physical fire-proof layer. Sunrising Bedding mattress does not contain any chemical fire retards or glass fiber. We're proud to say our mattress is safe and notoxic for our customers.

We are also proud to hold the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification for the entire Sunrising Bedding mattress, as well as for all the components that comprise it. While our mattress was not designed for babies and toddlers, our certification, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class II certification, signifies that all parts of a product meet the OEKO-TEX® requirements for articles that are worn close to the skin (underwear, bed linen, t-shirts, socks etc).

Shipping Information

We provide free shipping to your door via UPS/FedEx within 3-5 days from the nearest warehouse.


20-year limited warranty.learn more

Support Where You Need It

Designed to offer the best comforttable sleep and pushback support. Recommended if you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

7Luxury Firm
  • 1Too Soft
  • 5.5 – 7.5Just Right
  • 10Too Firm
8 Inch Pocket Coil Mattress

Compatible with Most Bed Frames

The mattress fits perfectly on box spring, flat/slatted frame, or the floor.

Pocket Coil Mattress In a Box

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Reviews From Amazon Buyers

220 reviews for Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Mattress & Independently Encased Innerspring Coil Hybrid Mattress – Not Sagging and Sink – 120 Day Free Return

    Verified Buyer
    Great buy would recommend.

    It’s on the firm side, but thats what i love. It feels sturdy and strong. Overall its very comfortable to me, now everyone has a different taste, but if you’re an average joe looking for a firm mattress than this is it!. Compared to my memory foam mattress this is like heaven in the summer. It doesn’t sag/sink or even build up heat.

    Verified Buyer

    LOVE lOVE IT.The mattress was rolled to be a column shape and packed into a box at my doorstep. I unpacked and placed it on my platform bed right away. It’ s a latex and spring hybrid mattress. Great bounce! I sit on it and feel completely comfortable. I would rate it as 6 in firmness, provided that 10 is the firmest. I waited for one day and this big guy totally expanded. It has slight odor but it shouldn’t be a problem. Two nights later, it still feels comfortable. I used to have a terrible mattress and had enough of sleepless nights for too much sweat. But this new mattress has given me so … see moremuch relief. I love sleeping cool. That’s why I prefer spring mattresses. With it, I can spend a pleasant summer this year! It also has a compelling price, a lot cheaper than models in local mattress stores. It’s the most economical and comfortable mattress that I have ever bought!

    Verified Buyer
    Like others have said

    Like others have said, this mattress is a bit firm. Once you get use to it, its a really nice mattress. I would purchase another one and recommend it to others that like or need a firm mattress.

    Verified Buyer
    but so far so good. Purchased the medium so it's not too firm

    Haven’t had it all that long, but so far so good.? Purchased the medium so it’s not too firm.? It does weigh a lot.? Tip: Take it out of the box before moving it up any stairs.? Would have been easier.? Doesn’t get hot, which was my main reason for purchase.? We’ll see how it holds up.

    Verified Buyer
    Total satisfaction!

    It’s everything they said it would be and everything i wanted. Super comfortable. Solid craftsmanship. No fumes at all. All of that and it’s natural and organic. Heaven. The company is first rate also. Great customer service. Very responsive. Arrived on time. What magic do they use to get that big item into that tiny box? Beware that it can unfold with some ooomph. Almost knocked my dad over. Thank you, Sunrising!

    Verified Buyer
    Best night sleep that doesn't empty your pockets!

    This mattress was a great purchase. Been shopping around for a while looking for one.? All of the ones I have looked at were really expensive.? I was about to give up,? then I came across this mattress.? I was a little hesitant about buying one that I didn’t try or see in person.? I read a lot of reviews on this product and read about the manufacturer.? Let me say I am so glad I purchased this. It’s firm and a little soft.? I need a firm mattress for my back.? My first night sleep was amazing.? I woke up feeling refreshed no back ache, nothing. I’m very pleased with the product and the price f… see moreit right in my budget.? I also received it rather quickly.? Some reviews said it had a little smell, I did not notice any sort of smell when I opened it.? I did not have to wait 48 hours for it to get to full size.? It got to its size within an hour I slept on it that night. I love my new mattress. Just hope it doesn’t sag in a few months like my old mattress did and that was a Beauty Rest.

    Verified Buyer
    Good bed for the price. Firmness level is between medium and firm.

    Fast shipping! Ordered two mattresses 8 inches in height, one is a twin and one is a queen size.The firmness level is between medium and firm. At the edges of the bed it will sink if you sit on it but anywhere else it is well supported.PRO:-Any movement on one side of the bed will not move the entire bed-No mattress odor as indicated by others, maybe my senses are fubared-Been sleeping on it for two weeks, no pain in the morning-Low profile bed but cannot feel the springs as indicated by others, your mileage may varyCON:-Sinking if sitting at the edges of the bed, I weigh about 145 pounds or a… see morebout 66kg-Indicate the level of firmness the bed somewhere

    Verified Buyer
    I really like this mattress

    I really like this mattress. If anything, it has gotten more comfortable over time.My criteria: I was on a budget, I wanted natural materials, and I wanted a company in the USA. This one met all those. At first I wasn’t sure if it was too hard and I thought I could feel the springs, but it’s become the perfect mattress. Just firm enough and over time any feeling of springs has disappeared. The cushion top makes it very comfortable.Yes, I would highly recommend it.

    Verified Buyer
    Firm mattress + 4" latex mattress topper = pure heaven for sore back.? Latex means no chemicals or fumes.

    Bought this firm latex mattress with a latex 4" topper pad and it’s the best sleep I’ve had in years.? NO sagging, NO odor,? NO rolling off the side.? I put it right on a platform bed with no box spring and it’s working out great.? Shipping was quick and the price is right.? I can sleep on my side, back, or stomach and it’s very comfortable.? This + a foam latex topper is an inexpensive alternative to the hotel-quality beds with the pillow topper.

    Verified Buyer
    Great mattress at a great price.

    Very happy with quality and comfort.? This is our second "mattress in a box" purchase and we won’t be buying mattresses any other way.? Our mattress arrived in excellent condition and achieved its full expansion quickly.? There were no residual odors.? So far, it has performed very well — no sagging and just the right amount of support.? No back or neck pain after a night’s sleep.

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Questions and answers of the customers Back to product

  1. A Yes, a solid and flat surface will work for this mattress, but not suitable for adjustable bed frame.
  2. A Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Queen Size is measured as 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.
  3. A Sorry, we didn't offer the old mattress remove service. Each coil is wrapped independently. They are compressed vertically into a thin piece, then are rolled up into a tube shape.
  4. A Yes. It can stay for as long as 6 months in the box. We've tested for you in our warehouse. It won't cause any damage to the mattress and won't affect actual use. have a nice day ! sunrising bedding
  5. A No, the materials inside this mattress only the All-Natural Latex and Pocket Coils. No polyurethane at all. Thanks! Sunrising Bedding Team Icy