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Sunrising Bedding Ultima Comfort & Luxury 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box – Supportive with CertiPUR-US Certified – 120 Day Free Return – 20 Years Warranty


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What's Inside?

Less is more. We make the mattress simple. The mattress quickly adjusts itself to your body shape when you move. It relieves pressure points at the hips and shoulders, aligns the spine and provides support to the back. It's as close as you'll get to sleeping on clouds.

12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

1: N-Cooler™ Mattress Cover

The most Eco-friendly fiber is versatile, soft & pleasant to the skin.
Breathable fabric draws heats aways, creating a cooling sleep to you.
Stretchable & durable cover keeps its shape after hundreds of times of washing.

2: 3.5" Air Plus Foam™ Memory Foam

Eco-friendly Plant-based Memory Foam is advanced material made of MDI.
4 sec quickly baounce back, never get stuck or sleep hot.
Eliminates motion transfer with "localized bounce".

3: 8.5" Ultra Supportive Base Foam

Soft but supportive sleep keeps sleep pains away.
High density guarantees the decades of matress support without sag or sink.
Great edge support and perfect for all sleeping positions.

Memory Foam Mattress In a Box

Cooling & Green N-Cooler™ Cover

The science behind the fabric's cooling properties: Treated with cold plasma, N-Cooler™ dries 5 times faster than ordinary fabric. It is made with 4-channel fiber that quickly wicks sweat away, leaving it cool and dry.

N-Cooler™ converts excess heat into infra-red waves that radiate away from the body. As a result, the temperature of the mattress is reduced by 4-8 degrees. That's why the N-Cooler™ acts like a natural air-conditioner.

Made without any petroleum or chemical substances N-Cooler™ cover is removable and machine washable. 0 emissions, 0 pollution.

Product Specs

Measurements & Dimensions


Mattress Dimensions:38" x 74" x 12"

Shipping Box Size:15" x 16" x 40"



Mattress Dimensions:53" x 74" x 12"

Shipping Box Size:15" x 15" x 57"



Mattress Dimensions:60" x 80" x 12"

Shipping Box Size:15" x 15" x 64"



Mattress Dimensions:76" x 80" x 12"

Shipping Box Size:15" x 15" x 78"



Sunrising Bedding memory foam is CertiPUR-US® certified. It is made without formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates or ozone depleters. The manufacturing process climates unsafe additive agent and allows for less chemicals, which means less bad odor and less toxins.

Sunrising Bedding Mattress has passed flammability test by 16 CFR 1633. We adopts high dense cotton fiber as a physical fire-proof layer. Sunrising Bedding mattress does not contain any chemical fire retards or glass fiber. We're proud to say our mattress is safe and notoxic for our customers.

We are also proud to hold the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification for the entire Sunrising Bedding mattress, as well as for all the components that comprise it. While our mattress was not designed for babies and toddlers, our certification, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class II certification, signifies that all parts of a product meet the OEKO-TEX® requirements for articles that are worn close to the skin (underwear, bed linen, t-shirts, socks etc).

Technologies inside

The Air Plus Foam™ is manufactured by Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology. Unlike ordinary foam, VPF foam is made in a closed chamber where temperature, pressure and moisture are easily controlled. That's why VPF technology produces foam with consistent density, which makes it performs better than ordinary foam. 7,000,000 open but mighty-connected micro cells combine the foam. Those cells keep their form while squeezing out and breathing in air as pressure from sleeper changes. That's how we make Air Plus Foam™.

N-Cooler™ has over 10 types of minerals and amino acids that are essential to the body. When they come into contact with the skin, these natural compounds improve the ability of body tissue to self-heal. The result? The body repairs itself, getting rid of fatigue and slowing the skin's aging process.

Shipping Information

We provide free shipping to your door via UPS/FedEx within 3-5 days from the nearest warehouse.


20-year limited warranty.learn more

A Perfect Mattress For All

Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, the mattress will work for you. The memory foam mattress adjusts quickly when you change positions in your sleep.

Most Comfortable Mattress

Our Mattress Fits On Any Frame

It fits perfectly on the floor, on an adjustable base, on a box spring or on a flat/slatted frame

Best Mattress For Back Pain

20 year warranty

Your mattress is covered

120 night trial

Start the trial period now

free dilivery

Get your mattress at the door

free returns

Love it or your money back

Memory Foam Mattress Queen

This Mattress Is Perfect For You If...

Your partner and you need different levels of firmness in a mattress. This mattress splits the difference between extra firm and extra soft

If you or your partner tosses and turns. The motion isolation of the mattress makes sure that one person's movement won't wake the other

If you hate sleeping hot

Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, the mattress will work for you. The low response time of the memory foam means the mattress adjusts quickly when you change positions in your sleep.

So no matter how you like to sleep, the mattress will provide support while relieving pressure points. All at the same time.

King Memory Foam Mattress
12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen
King Size Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress King Size
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Reviews From Amazon Buyers

46 reviews for Sunrising Bedding Ultima Comfort & Luxury 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box – Supportive with CertiPUR-US Certified – 120 Day Free Return – 20 Years Warranty

    Verified Buyer
    Solid reasonably priced mattress

    I bought one of these for my new apartment.? It expands reasonably quickly from the box and takes a few hours to properly air out.? In terms of comfort I rather enjoy it.? It’s on the firm yet still yielding in a memory foamy kind of way.? It gets a recommendation from me.

    Verified Buyer
    It comfortable

    It great for students and it affordable love it 100%

    Verified Buyer
    Great bedding!

    Great bedding, been sleeping on it for a year and there is nothing wrong with it. Very comfortable.

    Verified Buyer
    Most comfortable mattress you are looking for.

    Very comfortable mattress. We love it.

    Verified Buyer
    Five Stars

    Very good seller and product!!!

    Verified Buyer
    Mattress is good

    It’s only a week since I bought this mattress and I am more pleased to review it since I also relied on other buyers comments and reviews before making the purchase.BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER OWNED!Let me just start by saying that before buying this mattress, I had some serious back problems that made sleeping uncomfortably even on a spring mattress. Since I didn’t really want to spend more than $1,000 on a mattress, I was very tempted to buy thisone considering it’s a great bargain.Since this was my first experience with a non-spring mattress, I was a bit reluctant on whether I would love it. … see moreI thought it was risky buying a mattress online since this would mean it will be shipped without me testing it first. I was even worried how i would ship it back if i didn’t love it.When my mattress arrived, I was proved wrong because it looked too good to be true. It came with a tall box but it wasn’t something to worry about even though am a young woman, since I had someone to help me carry it upstairs.When I removed it from the package, I experience a little bit of smell from the off gassing. However, it only lasted for a while before dissipating quickly and was unable to prevent me from sleeping on it. If you are patient, unlike me, I would recommend using it without any linen for a few days before sleeping on it.It starts off a little bit firmer but gets softer with time as sleeping gets better. It’s just one week and falling asleep doesn’t even take time unlike before. Since I am someone who changes positions constantly when sleeping, this mattress fits me like a glove in every single position. I no longer wake up with numb legs or arms like I used to.Overall, I love this mattress and have benefited a lot from it and that’s why I feel obliged to write this review. I have been using a Tempur-Pedic and was only unable to buy it because of its high price. However, this has turned out to be luck for me as I have found great value in this mattress at an even lower price.

    Verified Buyer
    Convenient Mattress Buying - Comfortable

    Very firm mattress but comfortable. It came packaged well – very compact. It was easy to set up on a platform frame and looks great. No box spring needed. Mattress buying made so easy!

    Verified Buyer
    Comfy and Cheap

    Very comfortable bed Mattress.

    Verified Buyer
    Great mattress

    Love my sunrising mattress! Had it for several months now and provided me with restful sleep. It was easy to unpack and amazing to watch it expanded to normal. Received in a timely manner too. Highly recommend it!!

    Verified Buyer
    Five Stars

    Set up was easy , bed comfy, customer service good

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  1. A Sunrising bedding is high density fiber fireproof lining without adding chemical flame retardants and through Texas 1633 CFR certification, each mattress of sunrising bedding collocates ?law label . The high density fibers are also used in body armor lining.
  2. A Hi, Generally speaking, our mattress suits any bed frame or bed base as long as their size can match. In the two options that you offer, we personally recommend the platform bed with slates, which is heavier to keep your bed stable. But as you have noticed, smartbase is a better choice for tight budget and suitable for people who usually move beds around. You can get one of them according to your own needs.
  3. A Yes, it fit well with adjustable base.
  4. A I have had it now for about 6 months. Still loving it. Great use of my money.
  5. A It's very okay. The mattress will not be affected a bit even after you leave it in the box for 6 month! We've tested it for you!