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  1. Sunrising Bedding mattress can withstand a weight of 800lbs. 8 inch mattress is thick enough for overweight sleepers. What’s more, overweight sleepers are more suitable for a firm mattress so as to not “sink in” too much.
  2. hello, thank you for your ?question , the latex innerspring mattress can support 800 lbs ?without sagging or ?sinking We've tested if for you. have a nice day ! Sunrising Bedding Team
  3. Hi, There are 1056coils (that is 32*33) and 14 gauge in the King. Btw, for your reference, here are the coils count for the other 3 sizes: Twin:496(16*31). Full: 682(22*31). Queen: 825(25*33). Thanks
  4. This mattress is quite firm, but I wouldn’t say it’s extr firm. I’ve been sleeping on mine for two weeks now and my back pain has gone away. Highly recommend it!
  5. Dear Joyce R. Harris: Yes. But now king size is out of stock. Our shippment will enter warehouse on 20th of this month. SUNRISING BEDDING
  6. I find it phenomenal. It is /very/ firm, but that firmness is evenly distributed without pressure points. With how cheap it is, you could try it as-is and add a topper to soften it up if it’s a bit much.
  7. King mattress dimensions: length*width*height: 79.5*75.5*8 inches King mattress box dimensions: (compressed in a box for shipping): 11*11*81 inches sunrising bedding team