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The certi-pur website says that they don't certify latex--only polyurethane foam. is there polyurethane foam in it? if not, how can it be certi-pur?

asked by Anonymous
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  1. I am planning to purchase and would love an answer from the seller as well. Thank you Sunrising!
  2. Website says, he/she says, whatever who says, only I say is right. We brought the mattress, we love it. ?It's bother you? ?You don't happy some one made a purchase to gave the buyer 5 stars? ?Too bad, I did. ?You want to screw someone business by unfair questions, that won't be happen. ?I'm a customer to purchase some thing online, I don't care who they are unless they have good products. ?We absolutely love this mattress!!
  3. I am in mid research and am seriously considering this option However, This question has been asked 3 times on these reviews and not answered Once from the manufacturer. I would like an honest, Conclusive answer here before i purchase. Certi=pur certification is for Foam NOT Latex. So, either this mattress has Foam that has been certified by Certi-Pur, or it has NO FOAM and does NOT have a Ceri-Pur certification. Could the manufacturer please specify what Exact Certi-pur certification they have and based on Which part of the product? (and please do not just repeat that you have a Certi-pur cert on the latex, as that is clearly not the case)