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Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Oct 12, 2022
You Get More Than You Pay For

Wow. I have slept on this mattress for 8 months and am very impressed and happy. My initial impression of the mattress was positive in that I slept well right from the beginning. Compared to an all foam mattress, this one is very bouncy, which is good for someone with aches and pains and who wants to turn over easily. However, it can feel very different at first if you are coming from a different type of mattress. Motion is isolated, making it good for multiple sleepers on one mattress. I am a lighter person and a side sleeper, so this was the right choice for me. I like the responsiveness of it and just the right firmness. Also clearly well made. I took a gamble because there weren't that many reviews, but it seemed to be the right mix of cost effectiveness and quality materials, and I am glad I did. I have tried out other similarly priced mattresses as well as ones more expensive, but I think I would have to spend A LOT more to get something that would be more comfortable. Recommend.